Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yesterday I had the delightful privilege of having an overnight who brought lamb stew for supper.  Now that's MY kind of guest.  

She explained to her six year old son that she had a play date AND a sleepover with a friend and he solemnly told her that he hoped it all goes okay for her.  I'm not sure if he thought we'd get into a fight over toys or what, but everything worked out fine.

I had prepared broccoli cheese soup for lunch when she arrived and had planned to make panini sandwiches to accompany the soup.  As we were on our garden tour I noticed the waterfall had stopped.  Hmmm.  The filter was just cleaned, must have blown a fuse?

So into the dark depths of the basement we crept with our little lantern.  All the switches were in the ON position, so we cautiously walked upwards...towards the light, and I called my neighbor to see if he had power.

He was sitting at the bottom of his driveway pondering how he was going to get into the garage with no power to open the door.  This is what happens when we live in an electronic age.  Thankfully the soup was still warm enough to serve and we had a salad instead of a sandwich for lunch.  The power came back on about three hours later, so we enjoyed sitting on the deck visiting since the weather was agreeable.

After MUCH conversation and lamb stew for supper we watched a movie I had picked up a long time ago but never viewed called "Super-size Me".  This was an experiment a man went on for 30 days of eating at McDonald's and had a medical team documenting his blood work and health changes.  He was required to eat everything on the menu at least once and supersize the order if they asked.

It was amazing to see the physiological changes he underwent during the course of just 30 days.  Not only was there a significant weight gain but many health concerns regarding his liver function.  It showed how much sugar he had ingested in one month with eating this fast food and it was shocking.  He described emotional changes, depression, lethargy, etc...all of which were alleviated with his next meal at McDonald's.  Some of the "healthier" items such as salads had as many calories as the Big Mac.

I don't partake of much fast food with my Weight Watcher regime anyway, and I realize many changes have been made to the fast food industry since this film was created.  They claim it had nothing to do with the documentary, but you have to wonder.

We are all responsible for what we eat and how it will affect us, as well as how the product or animal was raised and processed for our consumption.  My WW leader is a vegetarian and I am most interested in her next presentation of non meat foods.  I doubt I could ever pry the meat and potatoes away from Left Brain, but maybe we can incorporate a Meatless Monday once a week as a start towards better eating...for us and the earth.

The motto is you are what you if you are eating a heavy diet of fast food I guess that makes you "fast,cheap and easy".

Long Live the Queen of Better Eating

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  1. Yesterday, my daughter in law and Tootsie and I went to Wendy's and savored every last bite. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. We don't do it often, but when we do, oh my it is soooooooo good! Some days it just feels good to be bad.

    We also spent a couple of hours at the park shooting photos of the ducks and geese. All in all, it was a fun day. I came away with almost 500 photos. Now comes the fun of sorting through them all.

    You have a funtabulous day, hugs, Edna B.