Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Language Love

I've always loved language and have attempted learning several of them, some more successful  than others.  Don't even ask me what I said in Ojibwa in that bar...that was really embarrassing.

Recently I purchased a series of CD's called Learning in your Car and since I seem to be IN my car an exorbitant amount of time, this sounded like the perfect answer to me.  Any time I can't find something I like on the radio, I switch over to the CD for a few minutes of Spanish.

My other favorite CD is one of frog calls.  This was given to me by a friend to help me identify what frogs were living in my pond.

Now my fear is that I will start to confuse the two of them and have a Mexican version of "ribbit" going on in my pond.  I asked one of them yesterday if they had a green card and the answer given was "of course, everything we have is green....duh". 

Then his tongue zapped a fly passing by overhead and he dipped it into his little bowl of salsa before savoring it.

I took his word for it and enjoyed his Spanish frog serenade and did not demand proof of his right to be here.  I do not live in Arizona, after all.  Besides, they look so cute on the lily pad with their tiny sombreros.

Long Live the Queen of Spanish Frogs

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  1. What a great photo of your frog. I have never seen a Spanish (or Mexican) frog before this. Hmmm, I wonder where they get those gorgeous little hats? Hugs, Edna B.