Monday, August 22, 2011

Reusing and recycling

There's always a way to dispose of things you don't want and hopefully people will consider this before just tossing things into a dumpster.

When you've never been without it's hard to believe that there would be someone who would want your "junk".  From someone who has been hungry and been without in her life....believe me...there are people who would cherish your trash.

We are blessed with many agencies that act as our middleman, allowing us to forego personal contact with those who are struggling.  This also provides dignity to those receiving the items donated.

Do you have clothes you no longer need?  Give them to one of the many agencies that will take them and redistribute or sell them for a much lower cost to those who can use them. 

Household items?  Toys?  Pet supplies?  There are places to take these also.

Food items that you can't use up or can't remember why you purchased them?  There are an abundance of food pantries and shelters that need these items.  Many will only accept packaged food, but some will take home made items.

After my house guest left and the dinner party was done I had 3/4 of a pan of cake left.  And you KNOW how I deal with cake.  Dumping the previous birthday cake was an act of desperation as it could not stay in the house for another second without causing me much harm.  But at least the raccoons were able to party with it.  

Not that this cake was less appealing (and lower calories to boot),  but I simply did not dare keep it in the house.  So, off to the Salvation Army I went.  I took it (and the cool whip)  into their kitchen where it was graciously received and would be served later that day as a snack cake.

I love to bake, but can only indulge in small amounts, nor do I have the freezer space (or desire) to keep them.  So this is a wonderful outlet for me.  I can prepare the box of muffins and keep two of three and take the rest to the Salvation Army.

There were times in my life when most of my wardrobe was either hand made by myself or from the Salvation Army and Goodwill.  There is no shame in this and I continue to shop at both for clothing as needed while I continue to lose weight.

So the next time you are ready to toss something, consider passing it on to another human instead of the landfill.

Long Live the Queen of Recycling

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  1. Yea-a-a-a for you! I always recycle, and everyone in my house is in the habit of doing it too. I spent many years living off someone else's "trash". Actually, a lot of my generation has done this. When I shop, I always pick up a couple of extra things to have on hand for when the folks in my house (the dwarfs) are having a tough time. I share my treats too. That way I get to enjoy them, and someone else does too. You have a wonderful night my friend. Hugs, Edna B.