Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chance meetings?

I not believe in coincidences, but rather that all meetings happen for a purpose....even though it may not be transparent as to their purpose at the time.

Recently I met a long lost cousin purely by chance at an art show.  She's a doll maker...go figure.

The other day I was meeting two of my neighbors for lunch at Panera.  I arrived early and thought I spotted one of them in a booth so bounded up to her to say hello.  Oooops...not her, even though the resemblance was striking.

When my friends showed up we found a booth right next to the first lady I talked with, so I was able to introduce the look alikes to each other.

In this process we learned that she was from Ireland and is the co-founder of Claddagh House Senior Living.  She and one of my friends are both nurses and she is from County Cork, where the family of my other friend originated from.  Very interesting.

We then proceeded to have a lovely three hour lunch and plan to arrange a lunch meeting with our new Irish friend.

Long Live the Queen of New Friends

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