Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paper or plastic?

We all hear this question asked when we check out at the grocery store and my answer depends on whether I am feeling environmentally conscious that day or if I need more plastic bags for She Devil's litter box cleaning.

My journey today into the land of food stuffs ended at the YOU BAG check out.  I like to bag my own groceries, it gives me the opportunity to sort them and group them the way I like.  I was in a "green" mood today so I bagged everything in paper and wheeled my cart out the front door.  What the ........????

There was no sign of rain when I left the house, with all the windows open.  I had planned to put away groceries and then mow the yard.  Well, the yard will have to wait another day went through my mind as the rain pelted me, drenching me to the bone.  Now if I could just remember where my car was parked! It was coming down so hard it actually hurt.

I finally pushed my glasses up onto my head as I couldn't see anything through them and held the panic button over my head.  THERE's my car!  Way back over there.  I wove my way through the parked cars, wading through puddles in my sandals.  The jeans I was wearing were getting baggy from the weight loss, a feeling I enjoy....but they were heavy from the rain and starting to approach a fashion like the young people with them sliding down to my hips.  I kept a firm grip on my wet metal cart and hoped for the best.

As I approached the car I opened the side door to put them in for easiest removal once I got home.  But I was parked too close to the cart return, so I had to back up and open the trunk instead.  Ooops - that was full of cardboard to take to the dump.  After rearranging that I was ready to transfer the bags from the cart to the car.  By now I'm fully prepared to enter a wet t-shirt contest (seniors division please)  by this time.  I grabbed the bags and pulled them upwards ....well, the handles of the bags went upwards.  The rest of the soggy paper bag let go and I watched my food choices  roll around the parking lot...under my car and those nearby.

Now I'm wet, miserable and frustrated...and kind of wanting to laugh, but fearing that would look really strange.  So, I crawled around and tossed things into the back of the car, I can find them later and put them into a laundry basket to get them into the kitchen.  I am so glad we have an attached garage!

I started up the car and turned on the defrosters and wipers and as soon as I could see I headed home.  It took no time at all for the wet clothes to become cold and clammy.  With the heat cranked up I hurried home to unload the food and take a nice hot shower, seeing as how I'd already been through the pre-rinse cycle.  

Long Live the Queen of Thunderstorms


  1. My guys had to stop at the Wharf because it was raining too hard to continue on home - they actually said that with a straight face!

    Miss M

  2. Maybe you should ask Santa for a "fold it, roll it, and stuff it in your pocket" plastic rain cover. I have one and it's wonderful. One of these days, I need to take it down from it's shelf and keep it in my purse.

    Sounds like you had a bad wet hair day. I would love to have watched you crawling around in the parking lot. With my camera in hand, of course! I hope today is a better day for you. Hugs, Edna B.