Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It was a busy day for Left Brain and the Queen

Left Brain presented me with some good news and some bad news recently.  He found a man who will make our new trailer to our specifications which is great, but it's much wider than the old one.  Not that this was bad, it just involves my shovel again and moving the retaining wall over about two feet.  Not a problem.

We spent the morning on our respective chores, my digging and hauling and replanting and he dissected the old trailer as much as possible.  Then we rolled the trailer up onto two handcarts and pushed it back to where it used to sit.  This was much easier said than done.

Then we lifted it up over the wall and managed to slide, push, pull and maneuver it into it's new home.  It is now my backup composter on that side of the yard.

Then we showered and took a motorcycle ride to Mindoro and had lunch at the Top Dawg Pub and Bar where they have 108 burgers to choose from.  After devouring our food and draining a pitcher of root beer we went over to where our new trailer is being built so he could show it to me.

Upon our return home I did a load of disgusting laundry (we never seem to have a shortage of this variety) and feasted on green beans, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and eggplant with artichoke hearts and goat cheese rolled up inside of it.  This was my first time cooking eggplant and I can't wait to try more recipes.

Waste not want not is our motto and after I get some ferns planted in front of it so the neighbors don't have to look at it, it should be fine.  As a side benefit, it helps to keep the deer from jumping over that part of the fence.

Long Live the Trailer Trash Queen

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  1. That's how we like to do things too. Re-cycle. It just doesn't feel right to toss out something that still has a lot of life in it. I use the kilns from my ceramic store (that I used to have) as outdoor planters. Works for me! You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.