Friday, September 30, 2011

Life is about perception

Life is all about perception and how you choose to see things.  Take this photo for example.  Do you see a porta potty under a tree?  Or do you see it as I do...a hole in one?

Well, the canned ham donation to WAFER would have been great, but when visiting my local food pusher I found it required refrigeration.  Didn't think about that little detail.  So, I hit the canned meat aisle and pondered my choices.  Let's see...SPAM.  Nope, these people have enough trouble in their lives to hit them with that.  There's a reason the name shares the phenomena of unwanted email.

So, remembering my early days of food stamps and being hungry I went with 21 cans of one pound items including canned chili, sloppy Joe mix, beans, etc.  Things that you can open, heat and serve.

Then I got an email from the Divine Miss M that she found my magazine article and DVD on her car.  Huh?  Is she psychic?  She's way up north, or was.  Apparently they needed to come back briefly and have lunch with some friends in another town an hour and a half south of where they live.  Then they will go back up north again.  Crazy people, my friends.  But then, that apparently is the best I can do.

I've been playing art show in the garage with my new grids lately.  I have it all set up in Left Brain's side complete with my dolls set up and everything.  I had to alter the side panels to make them work and fix the banner to cover the mesh better and it's looking pretty good right now.  After the face outs I ordered arrive for the new shelving, I'll will take some photos to show you how it appears.  Hmmm.  Just the term face outs makes me want to make some heads to put on them.  That might be funny.  Guess I need to stitch up another batch of heads.  Need to do some for Christmas tree ornaments anyway.  It's how I see things.

While walking with my friend the other morning I learned that her husband flies out the same day and time that I do.  Thankfully we're on different flights and planes or she and Left Brain may have become a bit suspicious.  That could be her perception.  I see it as an answer as to how to get to the airport that early in the morning.

I had to skip my Senior Shape Up due to the sore throat that has developed over the last couple of days.  I used Left Brain's Keurig to make cocoa and that was very soothing.  Much better use of it than for coffee.

So it just goes to show that when life hits you a curve ball you need to keep your head up and run a different direction.  But then again women are very good at altering plans...must be why we go through "the change" as part of our journey.

Long Live the Queen of the Odd View

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