Monday, September 12, 2011

The Queen has a Screw Loose - who'd a thunk?

We had perfect weather for the La Crosse Society's Season of Art this year and I wasn't worried at all about setting up my booth.

So I leisurely pulled in and found a spot near Winter Tree Studios and the people near me all came over to grab a pole of the EZ Up tent.  The name is a misnomer, they aren't as EZ as you might think.  They are EZier destroyed in high wind, but that's another story.

As we were erecting my home away from home, Rick informed me that I had a screw loose.  Well, actually missing.  Two of them.  Then my knight in shining armor jumped into his van and went in search of replacements for me.  Such a sweetie.  While he was gone I proceeded to unload the car and start to set up the tables.

He returned and amazingly I had a screwdriver in my kit and he proceeded to fix it for me.  So, tent up and now I can set up the rest of my display.

I actually sold more than I bought that day - a miracle.  After I took down for the day I will leave it in the van until next weekend and the next show at Driftless Art Festival in Soldiers Grove.  Hopefully the weather will be as bluebird perfect as the previous weekend!

Long Live the Queen of 10 x 10 Living

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  1. The tents are a great idea. All this time I thought your shows were in large halls. I just love that dolly darling hanging on to that rope for dear life! Hope you sell a lot at your next show too. Have a great day, Edna B.