Friday, September 2, 2011


I like to think that at 60 years of age I have experienced just about everything there is in life, both good and bad.  I was wrong.
To me the most disgusting job is emptying the mousetraps of the little corpses, especially if they've been unchecked for a bit and are becoming ...well, aromatic.

But today was a first.  I noticed this a couple of days ago actually, but wasn't sure what I was seeing.  It appeared to be a rock in the pond, but since I have placed them all, this didn't appear to be in the right spot.  Too large to have shifted easily.  So today I ventured out of the AC to see what it was.

Ehwh!  I had a dead raccoon floating around in the pond.  Since the temperature today was over 100 with the heat index, I figured the sooner I removed the body the better.  So I used a shovel to scoop it out and remove it to a more remote area on the hill to join the food chain.

It was somewhat fitting when you think about it.  The raccoons have used the pond as a sushi bar, so I guess it was the fishes turn to have a buffet.  Pretty disgusting all in all.

Long Live Queen of the Wild Life Funerals

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  1. Euuuuuuuuw! It was really nice of you to remove the corpse to a better place. I would have had to call someone else to do this. Makes one wonder what caused it to expire. Certainly your fish aren't that big? Sounds like the poor critter got into to some animal poison and the water activated the poisin. I hope the rest of your day goes much better. Hugs, Edna B.