Friday, September 9, 2011

I flunked the Weight Watcher Test yesterday

My mode of education is different from many.  When I started my Weight Watcher journey I purchased the beginners kit and then proceeded to buy the various cookbooks and gadgets available.  I even made a special tote bag just for these meetings that house all my goodies. They can usually be found sitting on the shelf by the door at any point, even during the meetings.  Now I tend to just grab my membership card and weight tracker and stuff it into my purse.

So, when we had a pop quiz from our diabolical leader, Becky, I was not prepared.  It's hard to flunk an open book quiz, but I did.  Let me review the 10 questions for you and my responses.

1) What two books did you get when you started Weight Watchers Points Plus Program?  Two?  There were only two?  I can hardly lift my bag, it's like a library in a tote.

2) How many glasses of liquid and what size are recommended per day in the Good Health Guidelines?  Does any liquid count?  I do drink an abnormal amount of Coke Zero during the day.  Oh, I bet they mean water...I should write down water.

3) How many teaspoons of healthy oils are recommend per day?  Is this to be ingested or rubbed into my skin.  I don't understand the question.

4) Can you name the 5 'healthy oils'?  Well, obviously not.  I did recall extra virgin olive oil, but then started to list things like Oil of Olay, WD-40, Halvoline and the like.  This is when the girl next to me looked over (trying to copy MY answers) and said "WHAT!?"

5) True or False:  Fruits and vegetables are 0 Points Plus so we can eat unlimited quantities.  My answer was "nay nay".  I know a trick question when I see one - they still have calories!

6)  How can you tell if a food is a Power Food?  (What sign indicates this).   Another trick question!  This was easy, because I've learned about super heros from Sophia next door.  These foods would obviously be wearing tights and a flowing cape!

7) Can you name three Power Foods?  Nope, because now I'm obsessing over Batman, Superman and Spider Man.  Thanks Sophia!

8) What is a "serving size"?  My reply was "not enough".

9)  Where can you find the Points Plus values of foods?  Okay, this was easy..the WW tracker, the Dining Out book (which I think I left at the that little cafe, because I can't find it anywhere now), The WW Website, The Complete Food Companion, on the boxes of WW products...and that's all I had because Kim suddenly covered her answers with her hand.

10)  What is the best way to stay motivated and "on plan"?  This one was the easiest.  Go to the meetings!  I suppose there are other answers like do this with a friend, etc, but for me it's the meetings.  I can hardly wait for Thursdays to come.  Even if Becky does occasionally threaten to make me sit in the corner.

I'll study harder next time - or actually bring that bag with all my books in it.

Long Live the Weight Watcher Queen


  1. Loved this entry. So funny! Keep bringing the humor to your classes.

  2. I can't understand why you flunked. I would have given the same answers! Perhaps this is why I don't lose weight too easily. If I have to buy books and special foods (that I probably won't eat), then I would not be a good candidate for the weight loss class. My idea of curling up and relaxing with a good book does not exactly mean curling up with "How to recognize Power Foods".

    I'll bet you didn't know I was this bad, huh? I'm off now to find some nice bugs to photograph. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.