Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Gypsy is ready for travel

The deadline is looming to get her on her journey for the Challenge of the Gypsy.

My initial attempt resulted in legs that were too long to pose properly so today she underwent a strange amputation of sorts involving the removal of her upper thigh and knee to shorten the legs.  Thankfully her knickers cover the scars and she's much more proportionate now.

Now tomorrow I just need to find a box the right size and arrange for her return passage.

I had just finished sewing the grid covers for my new show booth set up and who pulls into my driveway but the Fed Ex man.  I must have looked like a little kid at Christmas time, or in my case, Hannukah as I ripped open the boxes and pulled out all my treasures.  I did show some restraint, however, and will wait until tomorrow to set up the whole set up and see how it all looks with their covers and shelves.  It's gonna be so cool!

Long Live the Queen of the Gypsies

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  1. I really understand the amputations and replacements. I have scars from near my waist to about 4 inches under my knee!!! I bet I'll really set off the alarms in the airport now! Impatience has to be my middle name! Hope to get to LACC sometime in the future but I understand it will be about 3 months before I can drive...I don't miss that as much as the hot tub!