Thursday, September 8, 2011

and life goes on without a hitch

There's always a period of readjustment when Left Brain returns from one of his gypsy adventures.  But knowing this doesn't make it any easier to deal with, it's just not as surprising.
While he was gone I cleaned out the basement and the garage in my usual anal-retentive fashion with everything being sorted, organized and placed in matching labeled containers.  The problem with this is that my memory isn't good and I did this in August, a full month before his return.
Being a good husband he was prepared to haul out the trailer full of weeds and grass I had pulled over the summer months.  To do this he hooks the trailer to the lawn tractor to pull it up to the driveway to the car.  This requires the other ball for the appropriate sized hitch.  Where might this be?
He was unable to locate it and summoned me for help while clad in grungy clothes, a towel tied to his head and blood on his hand and leg from earlier projects.  His face was that of a man at the end of a hard days work and frustration at not being able to locate the one piece he needed to finish the day out.  I came out in my jammies and slippers and assisted in the search.  Hmmm.  Where could I have put that?  Not being able to locate said object I put on some jeans and a shirt to head to Menards.  I returned with our new $7 ball hitch to give to him, but he shank was too large for the hole, so he had to widen the hole.  I have no idea how he managed's just part of the magic he does.
My goal was to make the area a cleaner, more organized space for him to work in but I can understand his frustration.  Moving and reorganizing things are just what I do, it's a power beyond my control...I simply must.  Now if I could just remember where that "perfect place for this" system would be perfect.
Long Live the Queen of the Hitch

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