Sunday, September 11, 2011

the wheels on the bus go round and round....

That is the ringtone for my bus driving husband, Left Brain.  It just seems so appropriate since he's usually driving somewhere.  It's embarrassing to not always know what State he's in...or in his most recent adventure what Country.  You could say he's a self driven man.

Our adventure the other day started out leisurely...we would take the trailer full of weeds and grass to the county compost dump and then go pick up the stuff at World Services that were used by the last batch of Russian kids this summer.  We took turns with the pitchfork and broom to empty our trusty little trailer and I suggested that we return home to hose it out since the bottom was covered in mud.  This was not too far our of our way and we had time...leisurely day and we headed home.

This is where the tune changed to "the wheels on the trailer go crash bang boom..."  About half way up our road into the valley the trailer suddenly lurched from left to right like a drunken sailor...or my friend Marti.  We pulled over to the side of the road and got out to assess the damage.  The car behind us stopped to ask if they could help in any way or give us a ride, both which we declined.

The axle had broken and the right tire was now under the trailer and located in the center.  So we pushed it into an upright position to allow removal of the hitch and drove home, both thinking of what to do next.  I located our biggest hand cart (with the largest wheels) and we tossed it in the back of the car and returned to the scene of the crime.  Left Brain lifted up the back of the trailer and I slid the handcart underneath it.  Then we pulled slowly off the side of the road and limped out way homeward.

Of course when you have a goofy looking set up like this and are crawling along you do attract attention.  We met everyone we knew and some we didn't.  I felt like I should be waving and throwing candy out the window.  Images of Garrison Keilor's speil about Carl Krepsbach hauling the remains of the 57 Chevy used as a septic tank and getting caught in the Homecoming parade came to mind.

We got home and I snapped a few photos of it for this post and then proceeded to send a text.  Left Brain wondered what I was doing and I explained that Steve had wanted to borrow the trailer sometime and I was sending him a text that it was out front and ready for his use.  We both thought this was funny until I got a text reply saying "Thanks, I start clearing out that stuff soon".  Yikes!  No no no...don't do that!   So I had to send another reply that it was a joke and to please take a look at it before considering it's use.

So now we have a busted down trailer sitting in our front yard with a sign that says "Free - please take" on it.  I know it seems futile that anyone would want it, but we are both optimists.  And those who seem the "burned rubber" all the way up the valley wonder how you can do that for such a distance and with only one wheel - well, this is how it's done.

Long Live the Queen of Trailer Trash

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  1. What a sad ending for such a useful cart. Maybe someone will take it and give it new wheels and a second chance at life. I guess the bright side is that you do not seem to have a very dull life. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.