Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things expected and not expected

I knew it would be coming, but I hoped to just avoid it.  Everyplace I went people were sniffling, snuffling and sneezing.  I felt myself above such nonsense and went cheerfully on my way.  Then it hit.

Why is it when you are getting ready to leave on a trip you are tapped on the shoulder to take your turn at getting the dreaded cold?  I've spent more time sleeping than your average teenager lately...just can't seem to stay awake.

Too weak to do anything I've missed Rosh Hashanah services at shul and meetings I generally enjoy.  When you can't breathe it really kills the desire to be upright and social.

Although I'd been looking forward to attending the reception at the Pump House Regional Art Center where my photograph was on display.  At the urging of my friend I reluctantly agreed to attend.  "You've got to be there!" she insisted.  "I'll be there" she assured.

So in preparation for this I took a nap (really had no choice on that, couldn't stay awake) and had a long hot bath to steam my head.  Then once dressed up in my best artsy fartsy clothes and hair done, I even added make up.  I even wore an under wire bra for the occasion.  I figured if nothing else it would keep me upright and awake.  Wanting to have this documented I called her to ask that she bring her camera.  This is where I learned she was not able to come after all.  Argh!  But I was already hopped up on DayQuil and in the car so I kept going.

If I were not in my drug induced stupor I may have been suspicious of the directors look of relief when I arrived and greetings of "I'm so glad you're here".

We assembled in the upstairs theater and while the image was projected on the large screen the writer read their piece.  It was warm and I was beginning to become very drowsy and may have actually nodded off a bit.  Then I thought I heard my name.  What do they want?  I wondered.  It wasn't until a friend of mine turned around and tapped my knee and said "get up WON".

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I was still in shock as I went forward with the writer to receive our winnings.  First prize was $1000 to be split between the photographer and the writer.  Unreal.

After taking several more naps today and as the fog is starting to clear I wondered if it was a dream or hallucination.  Nope.  The check is there.  I feel that since it was a photography prize I really need to invest it in something camera related.  But I will wait until I am fully functional to make that decision.

Long Live (and breathe) the Queen


  1. Congratulations, Cheryl. Wonderful photo that evokes all kinds of memories, feelings, tells a story on its own. Rest and feel better.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve it! Get well soon!

  3. Congratulations on your prestigious win. I was hoping to get down to see the show but I'm almost a month out from replacement and spending more time in bed than in the hospital! Enjoy! Mary Ann

  4. Fabulous, Cheryl! You so deserve that! I love your blog and I learned two things about you today! Hooray! :) Becky