Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New England continued

We visited a maple farm in Vermont I loved the image of this little red headed boy playing on the tractor with all the fallen leaves.

It's a much better picture after removing the road behind it and the little blond brat swinging a stick at him.  Now it looks serene.

Again with the small view.  

I was very taken with the odd growth on this tree.  

I believe it's some sort of mushroom and appeared to have watery dots on it.

Any way it was very odd and I was attracted to it, which explains a lot about my relationship with Left Brain.

No offense honey.

Finally, these are not usually my sort of photos, but in the spirit of the Divine Miss M I had to take some waterfall shots.

What can I say, these are just pretty pictures.  

Do they tell a story?

Maybe...maybe not.

But I do enjoy the sound of water, it's very soothing and calm.

This is something especially needed when on a bus trip with forty people.  

A little moment alone in nature to clear your brain.

Not that my brain needs much clearing.  

It seems to have some sort of automatic clearing of files because I can't seem to remember anything anymore.

Long Live the Queen of the Serene


  1. Love the waterfall pix -- so glad you are coming around to my type of subject matter!
    Miss M

  2. I really like the top waterfall photo...a sure winner!

  3. You did a great job on the tractor photo. I have to agree with the others, that first waterfall photo is a winner. It's 6 am, and I'll be going home (from work)in another hour. Woo Hoo! You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.