Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoying the grandkids

Taking a little break in posting on the blog due to a short visit from the grand kids.  They arrived Tuesday and leave tomorrow on Thursday, so we're packing it all in.

We saw Dolphin Tale on Tuesday in 3D.  I'd seen it before but not in 3D.  It's a very sweet movie, but not sure the 3D effects added that much to it.

Today was spent forming a Halloween costume for Kiersten who wants to be a minion from Despicable Me.  I wanted to get some photo ideas so I googled minyan and didn't think she really wanted to go as a group of ten Jewish men and tried the other spelling.  Luckily there was a You Tube video on one version we liked.  After a visit to Hancock Fabrics I dove into the project all day today.  Emily will be Harry Potter and has most of what she needs, so she was easy.

We did take one break to visit Hobby Lobby, one more stop at Hancock for more supplies, lunch at Panera and then into Family Video to pick out a movie for tonight's movie.  After much deliberation we chose Rio and enjoyed it immensely.

The kiddies are down for the night and Left Brain has baseball alternating with other shows, so I will complete this post and head to bed to read for a while so I can be rested and ready for tomorrow.

In the morning we will do a final fitting of the costume and take photos of how it worked out.  So much to little time...and littler energy.

Long Live the Queen of Exhaustion

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  1. Rio is one movie that I want to see soon. The commercials look like so much fun. Enjoy your grandchildren. They grow up so fast. Sometimes I miss seeing all the kids in their costumes around here on Halloween. The folks in this area don't seem too interested. Such a shame. You have a wonderful visit. Hugs, Edna B.