Thursday, October 27, 2011

A change of supper plans

Left Brain and I are seldom on the same wave length.   He tells me how we need to be on the same page and I keep reminding him that we're not even in the same book.

A case in point.  When I unload the car I pile everything by the backdoor stairs and then bring it into the house from there.  He was helping me carry things into the house from the store.  Such a sweet man.

We were both putting things away and I didn't miss it until it was time to fix supper.  Where on earth could that salad be?  I gathered up an incredible salad at the salad bar and put it in it's own plastic bag to make sure it stayed upright on the trip home.  I remember placing it carefully right next to the trash can.....ooooooh.

I need to explain that when I scoop out the kitty litter box I often toss the plastic grocery sack out the back door .....right next to the trash can.  Left Brain had assumed it was a bag of kitty doo doo and tossed it into the trash can.

When I went back out to the scene of the crime to check, sure enough...there it was.  However, it was still intact.  The carryout container didn't spring open (a miracle) and there was nothing wrong with it.  It was just a bit scrambled up.

Supper that night was a "tossed salad".

Long Live the Queen of Dumpster Diving


  1. lol. What a great chuckle I'm having over this! I have done the same sort of thing in the past so I can sympathize. Rather than think it is just forgetfulness, I like to think that our great minds are just so busy with everything that some things tend to slip by us. At least your salad was still okay. lol. You have a marvelous day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. catching up on some canned ham! each day marvelous, but now all of a sudden I'm hungry for some salad! :-) may have to look into the muse theater! thanks!lois S.