Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend of theatre

I've been such a social butterfly this weekend.

On Friday, Left Brain and I went out to eat at Dublin Square where we ran into our neighbors, Ed and Carol.  We also got to meet their friends Rick and Nancy who also live in the valley.  Fun people.  Then we went to the La Crosse Community Theater to see "Leaving Iowa".
It was opening night and there were a couple of glitches, but the performers pulled it off nicely.  I was so looking forward to this play and felt it was a little lackluster.  Maybe my expectations were too high.

On Saturday I made a rare appearance at shul and then cleaned up things in the yard, putting away the lawn furniture and trimming back the burning bush in the front of the house.  I drained the hot tub and scrubbed it out and refilled it with fresh water.  Then I subjected my hands to the cold water of the pond and cleaned out the pump and filter and got the waterfall running again.  I like to run it as late in the season as possible.

Saturday night I went with Beth to see the performance of Jekyll & Hyde at the Muse Theater.  I hadn't planned to attend this as the story was not of real interest to me, but Beth wanted to go and I was curious to see the job Sheryl did on the costume design.  It was the same night as the Halloween Ball so many people were dressed up for the event, some gorier than others.

I was blown away by this musical!  The lead singers were incredible.  Steven Marking plays Henry Jekyl/Edward Hyde), Erin Schockmel plays Emma and Jill Iverson is Lucy.  The set design and lighting were wonderful, the performance high energy, and the sound system perfect.  It was like being at a Broadway performance right here in La Crosse!

The Muse Theatre is located on Avon Street in La Crosse in a former church that Vicki and Don Elwood have refurnished and created a hidden jewel.

The play continues through November 19th and information can be found on their website at  If you have never been to this venue before, please give it a look.  You won't be disappointed.

Sunday brought me brunch with Laurel (a fellow artist and valley girl) and then off to see Puss & Boots at Valley Square Theater.  Once seated we were joined by my friend, Beiver. Okay, this isn't quite the same type of theater, but it counts as three days in a row of theater attendance.  Cute movie and it was interesting that the majority of viewers were adults instead of children.  I guess I'm not the only one that likes talking animals.

The afternoon was spent delving into more of my potato masher dolls and finishing up some angels for the Bling show at the Pump House the first weekend of December.  They will be photographed tomorrow and bagged up to be ready for sale.

The only thing not accomplished this weekend was any kind of cleaning or cooking.  But I can live with that.

Long Live the Queen of Drama

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  1. I love your photos. That butterfly shot is beautiful. It makes my heart smile to see color in the garden this time of year. You can count me in that group of adults that loves movies with talking animals. Wouldn't it be nice if my Tootsie could talk? Now I'm off to make some coffee. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.