Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeling better

The dreaded cold has loosened it's grip and I do believe I'm going to live!  I knew things were getting better when I suddenly couldn't stand the mess around me and started doing dishes and picking up.  Odd that I hadn't noticed that before...of course when you can't stay upright and breathe you tend to let such things slide.

I really knew I was recovering when I started to wonder what I should buy with my new found prize money.  If I were a practical person I'd just figure it helped to pay for the root canal, but I'm not so inclined.  Found money is meant to be enjoyed, not used for bills.

So the list in my head began.  Do I want one of those new PC tablets or a smaller laptop instead.  Do I want another camera body or a really good point and shoot.  Oh the choices!

Why do I feel like having this free money is going to cost me much much more?

Long Live the Queen of Desires

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