Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos from the Castle in the Clouds

Is it because I'm getting older that I appreciate tours of old buildings and ways of living? 

It's a bit upsetting that some of these antiques are still within my memory.  

What does that say about me?

Never means I'm vintage.  

I can recall having my grandmother prepare toast for me in one of these.  

This may be where I learned to appreciate the taste of burnt toast.

The guest room was lovely and I can just imagine having sweet little room like this and a maid to deliver my breakfast to me.

The only fault I could find with staying here as a guest is the lack of WI-FI.

But, I could overlook that...for a few days.

Maybe a few hours.

This is the intercom system to summon the maid.  

I wonder if I could get Left Brain or She Devil to wear a little uniform and come when I called.

Nah...I didn't really think it was realistic to expect that either.

The bathrooms were surprisingly modern considering the day and age.

There were several full bathrooms like this throughout the castle with a multi-jet shower system in each one.

I loved the sign explaining the bathing precautions for women back in that day. 

It seems that since we were so delicate and frail it was not advised to bath very often and certainly never to use a shower such as this.  Only a manly man could withstand such water blasts without peril of destroying their delicate systems.  It brought back memories of providing the written excuse not to put on my one-piece blue gym suit when afflicted with "my visitor".

Oh those where the days......

Long Live the Modern Queen

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  1. Oh, such beautiful memory photos. When I was a child, we used that same type of toaster. It worked very well. And I was not crazy about the rather generic looking one piece blue gym suit either. I wasn't fond of showers in school either. But oh how I love that huge beautiful bathroom you picture here. It would be a treat to bathe and shower in it even though I am delicate. (?) lol. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.