Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ending our Eastern Adventure

Sorry about the lapse in the blog – too tired on Friday to post the blog.   So, here we go to catch up a bit…

Friday, October 14th:  We had a lovely included breakfast at our hotel and then headed out for another adventure.  Shortly after the bus pulled on to the ferry crossing from Grand Isle VT to Cumberland Head (Plattsburgh) NY the ferry took off and we were on our way.  Upon exiting the ferry we drove to Massena NY for a break stop in a mall.  This was a pretty sad little mall with lots of empty spaces to rent and not a lot of people, but they did have a food court and restrooms that met our needs.

The Queen's new island get away
We arrived in the afternoon for a narrated cruise of the 1000 Islands, a series of islands inhabited by the very wealthy with some pretty impressive homes. 

I was particularly drawn to this one and decided it was just perfect for me.  She Devil's deluxe cat castle is right on the shore.

One actually had the main house in the US and a small footbridge that lead to a small guest house in Canada.  Oh the fun of being on the international boundary.  It reminds me of the time I needed to relieve myself and was able to do it right over a marker…oh well, too much information.

Left Brain's new island home

Since Left Brain does like spending time in the Coping Cabana, I purchased a little island home for him also.  I am not totally without a heart!

As we were on our cruise we watched the storm front move in and a wall of water as the rain poured down.  This was especially fun since we are traveling with a meteorologist who could explain the storm to us. 
Katie Green, keeping an eye on the weather
You can’t dampen the spirit of our group.  This group of Texans set out to have a good time and it takes more than a storm to dissuade them.  They were just hoping that it was raining back in their home area also.

Along with many interesting factoids on this trip we learned that this is where Thousand Island dressing came from.  Apparently an inspired guide came up with the concoction when they realized they did not have any dressings for the salads to be served so they mixed up some catsup, mayo, horseradish and such and “tad a” a new salad dressing was born.  Necessity truly IS the mother of invention. 

We arrived that night at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Watertown NY that had been open for a whopping 18 days.  We were their first bus group…we felt so honored.  It is a beautiful facility and the staff was eager to make a good presentation.  I finally had a good margarita there and we sat down to enjoy a nice meal and conversation.  I had internet but was too tired to put together the blog.  It might have been due to the marguerita also.

Saturday, October 15th:  There was another included breakfast that they tell me was very good but I was feeling the need to stay back in the room and munch on my cheerios and sip a $2 diet Pepsi.  We drove a fair distance that day and had to all get off the bus to go through customs.    I made the remark that I sure did hope that my arrest warrant wasn’t still active, which drew some concerned looks.  Someone asked why some people didn’t go through and had to wait on the side and it was explained that they may have been on the “watch” list.  She seemed concerned and I reassured her that she’d know if she was on the list…which I think made her wonder more about me again.  I did manage to get a border guard with a sense of humor.  When asked if I was the tour guide I replied that I was just the lowly wife of the driver.  “Never say you’re lowly” he replied.  So I looked at Left Brain and proclaimed that my status had been elevated.  To which I heard the guard say “just like my cholesterol”.   

After being dropped off in the wind and rain near Niagara Falls we scooted into the visitor center for shelter and food for lunch.  I immediately bypassed the cheap burger options, I wanted a place I could sit comfortably for an hour or so until the bus came back to carry us to the hotel.  I found a nice place with tables by the windows overlooking the waterfalls and soon there were others in my group.  The waiting list was about 20 minutes and was mostly for groups of 2 and 3.  Sensing that they would not release the tables for eight to small groups I asked to be put on the list for six people.  Then they asked if we were eating or just having drinks and I asked her which answer was the right one.  She said eating, so we took that option.  We were seated immediately.  One cup of French onion soup and a coke... $13.  The view … priceless.   

We watched several skinny little lightweight kids standing up on the barrier with their hands up in the air having their photos taken, right next to the sign warning people NOT to do this.  Yikes!  It was already windy enough to turn the umbrellas inside out – one slip backwards and there’d be an empty seat on their bus.  I ventured out afterwards for some photos of the waterfalls in the wind and rain and then hurried back in.  After one more trip dashing through the elements to get on the bus, I was able to enjoy the comforts of the hotel.

We enjoyed a lovely farewell dinner at the Skylon Tower.  This award winning revolving dining room towers 775 feet above the falls and the elevator is on the outside providing a birds eye view of the area.  After dinner we drove past the falls again to see them with the lights and then our fearless leader, Jane, presented us with gifts and prizes as she said farewell to us.  Tomorrow will be an early start for the airport as we all prepare to go back home.  They will fly to Texas and we will drive the bus back to Wisconsin.  As much as I love traveling, I am excited about being home again.
Hang on She Devil!  We're coming!
Long Live the Queen of Niagara Falls

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  1. I'm really enjoying your photos. Especially the castle!! Is Left Brain looking forward to spending time on his new little island home? I think it would be so much fun to spend a summer there. I have never been to Niagara Falls, shame on me. Your photos of the Falls are wonderful. By the way, have you seen the new TV commercial that starts out "Dear Left Brain"? It's a commercial for Kia Optima. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.