Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Caution - this blog contains frontal nudity

October is Breast  Cancer Awareness Month so it's time to post my photo of the mammogram doll.

This was inspired by a visit to my favorite boob smasher, who is now retired.

I was wondering what my chest would look like if they stayed in that position, so just had to do a doll to show those effects.

Next stop is New York City!  Left Brain assures me he has tickets for Sister Act on Broadway and my alarm is set for an obscene time of the morning to go to the airport.

She Devil was taken to the vet this evening to get settled into her kitty condo for her part of the adventure.  Needless to say she was not pleased as she hissed and spit at the vets who came down to greet her. I wish them luck.  It feels so strange to be here tonight without her.  But on the upside I didn't have to share my yogurt tonight with anyone.

I'll be traveling with camera but no computer and will rely on using Left Brain's to write any blogs while I'm away.  It should work fine, but....just in case there's a gap during my absence, not to worry.  It either means I didn't have any internet connection or I'm having too much fun to post anything.

Now - stop being such a boob and go schedule that mammogram!

Long Live the Queen of New York

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  1. Be sure to go to a deli, walk from Central Park to the Lower East Side (with stops along the way), and hit up all the fabric stores near the Garment District.