Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An expensive screw

Oh I figured that would get your attention!  My day started early when I woke up choking and coughing and dragged myself out to the hot tub.  After scanning the deck to make sure I didn't trip on anything furry I shuffled through the leaves in the dark to my relief.  It felt good but didn't last long as I continued to feel the need to cough and spit.

After having breakfast and getting set up for the day I headed out to the dentist for the filling where the root canal was done.  I felt so brave submitting my mouth to his services with no Novocaine or topical agents for pain control.  Knowing that there's no nerve for him to hit brings on a certain comfort.  Because the area was quite deep he explained the need to insert a screw for stability.  Between drilling and gluing it into place and covering it with the top layer, that's one screw that will never come loose.  I tried to convince him to give me one of his dental tools that would be perfect for working with clay, but no dice.  After getting the bill for the filling (almost $700) I wish I had just pocketed the tool as a souvenir.  Yikes!

Being Tuesday I headed out to meet with my young student.  She was not able to come into town today so I opted to drive the hour to her house to pick her up.  It was a beautiful Autumn day and the leaves are just dazzling right now.  After having lunch at Perkins and doing our lessons we went to the local Walmart for some supplies.  As is common with me, I needed to use the restroom and parked my cart and started to veer into the facilities.  She yelped a surprise and stopped me from entering the Men's Room.  Of course now I had a case of the giggles as I started thinking "and I'm teaching her to read".

Our course of study this month is the Salem Witch trials, which seemed appropriate since it's October.  Next month we will learn about the Titanic.  She's hungry for history and there's so much she wants to learn.  It's fun to teach someone who has such a passion to learn.  Since we tend to meet mostly in restraunts to study you can't say she's being home schooled as much as cafe schooled.

On the way home I stopped at Best Buy to learn more about some camera bodies I have my eye on as well as the PC tablets.  After talking to my computer guru he advised me to wait a month or two as there is a change in the operating system coming out.  This is the advantage of dealing with an independent sales person instead of just being pushed at the Big Box to buy whatever they are promoting that month.  Thanks La Crosse Computers!

Then I had a treat as I traveled up the valley and saw a small group of women and dogs.  So, I had to get out to talk to the ladies of Apple Valley and pet my two favorite four legged friends, Taz and Ginger.  Now my day is complete.

Long Live the Queen of Expensive Teeth  

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