Thursday, October 20, 2011

What was that?

Please don't get me wrong - we really do love our grand kids, we just weaken fast.  

After returning from our trip out east we immediately took possession of two wiggly giggly granddaughters for three days.  Maybe it was because we hadn't yet recovered from the trip that we were dragging our butts going into the visit.

When asking them what bedtime was (we were hoping for something early) we were told it was 9:00 on nights without school the next day.  Uh oh.  Then I asked the younger one what happens if our bedtime was before theirs and she smiled that devilish imp grin and assured us that that would be just fine.  Nope.  I don't think we dare to close our eyes first here.

The visit was fun and the costume turned out cute and much appreciated.  The older one is trying to teach me how to make friendship bracelets.  I'm hoping my friends are not waiting for these anytime soon, as it's pretty slow going.

I made a quick run to Weight Watchers for the bad news before the parents arrived.  After a two week bus trip involving lots of food and yummy desserts I feared the worst and was pleased to see only a 1.8 pound gain.  It's like dodging a I feel I can go on.

We enjoyed a quick lunch with the parents as they came to gather them up and promised to check calendars for the next get together soon and talked about Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving?  Where did this year go?  I can't believe it's time for that again.

Our brains were thinking about all we needed to do when they left and after careful consideration we decided to just sit in silence and read and recover.  Tomorrow is soon enough to jump back in.

Quiet is such a lovely thing.  Laughter and chatterbox kids are grand and I like the sounds of family in my house.  But when it comes down to just She Devil, Left Brain and me - this is what rocks our world.

Tomorrow I will have a lady lunch with a dear friend and then Saturday we have a bus trip to the cities to see Le Cage aux Folles with the garden group.  Left Brain graciously declined our son's offer of joining him Sunday for the Packer - Viking game as it was just too much.  I guess we really are getting old.

Long Live the Silent Queen

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  1. The costume came out great! The girls should bring in quite a candy haul with their new outfits. I, too, enjoy my family and a few outings, but I'm usually happiest at home with Tootsie. Or should I say, most comfortable? You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.