Monday, October 10, 2011

East trip continued

Sunday, Oct 9th, we spent a couple of delightful hours at Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum of life in the 1790's and 1840's.  I just love these kinds of things and walked around the complex examining the old homesteads and pondering a life long gone.  The volunteers at this museum are dressed in costume of the time and demonstrating blacksmithing, dying wool yarn, pressing apple cider, running the wool carding, and too many things to mention.

It is extremely kid friendly with places for the children to try their hand at playing the games their ancestors would have played.  They were jumping rope, tossing and catching rings and rolling hoops.  It does the heart good to watch youngsters running and batteries needed!

We arrived at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge for a two night stay.  What a lovely room!  With a view overlooking the harbor...but most importantly - free WIFI.  I'm hoping the next places have internet so I can continue to post to the blog.

My photos have been disappointing to me and I'm using Left Brain's computer which only has my old version of Elements 5 on it and with no mouse.  I feel so lost!  So, unfortunately I am not posting too many photos.  Now if I could just get better at taking GOOD photos that don't need a lot of touching up!  Maybe this will push me to shoot better.

Monday - Oct 10th

We did a city tour of the Boston area and saw the Old North Church, Paul Revere's home, the Freedom Trail, Boston Common and Old Ironsides.

We went to Quincy Market for lunch and since Left Brain wasn't able to park any where I picked up a sandwich for him and then found some incredible curry chicken and chicken tikka masala for lunch.  YUM!  Eat your heart out Karen!

Afterwards we went tot he JFK Presidential Library in Boston and dropped off our group.  I've been though here before so opted to hang back and sit on the concrete sidewalk in the shade by the bus with my my hubby.  We got to enjoy the quiet for about an hour and a half while reading our Kindles and just having some downtime.

The group went out for a seafood dinner and we just stayed in and had supper at the little bar downstairs and now he's watching football while I catch up with the blog.

Tomorrow we continue heading north to New Hampshire.  I'll try to do better photography!

Long Live the Queen of the Road 

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston and we are happy that you enjoyed the room, views & free wi-fi. We wish you safe travels and hope to have the opportunity to host you again on a future Boston trip. --Amanda Hurley, Web Media Manager