Thursday, September 19, 2013

Short post

Finally got a bit of Internet today so this is just a short post to catch up.  We'll be leaving NYC this morning and heading to Maryland for our next stop.

The park here turned out to be just fine. Yes, we are crammed in close together and it's a gravel parking lot.  However, we have use of electric and water with a dump station to use before we leave.  Plus it's well lit and I felt very safe the entire stay.  We are next to (part of) a marina, so the view of the city scape at night right out our window is lovely and we can see the statue of liberty from our lot.

On Tuesday we walked downtown to see the Tenement Museum.  Yup, we walked the whole way with a few blocks off the route when we got lost.  The entire tour of the museum is walking, going up steps and standing in place.  Our legs were killing us and my feet were on fire.  But even with the physical discomfort it was fascinating to see how this family lived in the lower east end and struggled to make a life.

I dreaded walking back but he didn't suggest hopping a cab so I hoofed it right along with him.  We might not be fit in body, but stubbornness we both have in spades.

Wednesday we walked to the subway station and took it to the theatre district.  While we were sitting in one of the public open areas people watching I talked to the Divine Miss M.  This is where I got the shocking news that they had sold their house.  Huh?  That was the plan, I understand, but this wasn't to take place until next summer.

It seems that a neighbor of theirs had a friend looking for a home in that area, they invited them in to see it and bingo - it was a sale.  That was strange enough but the really freaky thing is that the new buyers have the same name as they do.  Not just the last name either. The men have the identical first name and the women's names are only a couple letters different.  This ought to be fun with holding mail and forwarding mail for the same names!  Leave it to her to do it the complicated way.

Then we found a little deli and enjoyed some great sandwiches and Greek salad. After lunch we did a bit more people watching...there's no shortage of it here and got in line for our show.

The minute I heard about Motown the Musical I knew I had to see it and it was even better than I had hoped for!  There's nothing to compare to a live performance, especially on Broadway.  The music was fabulous, of course, I mean it's Motown!  The choreography was stunning and our seats were up in the mezzanine so we had the perfect view for it.

Leaving the theatre allowed for even more interesting people watching on the way back to the subway.  There were several young women body-painted to show their love of the city with only a little triangle to cover their woman parts. Yikes!  What made it seem all the more odd was to have them standing next to characters dressed up as Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob. Not to mention the man who was bouncing his pecs, that was just weird.

But I have to admire the homeless attempt to earn money.  One man was singing "help the homeless" and several had interesting signs by their cups such as "need money for weed" and my favorite..."need money for midget wrestling".  It's a strange place indeed.

After the show we took the subway back to the station five blocks from our RV and went home. I see why all the people downtown are fit, they climb stairs and do a lot of walking all the time downtown. Maybe we should stay here and get fit!  No...I'm too much a small town girl to ever want to do that.

So this morning finds us taking showers to get the stink of all that walking and riding the subway off before we prepare for the next leg of our journey.

Hopefully the next park will have Wi-Fi again and we'll be settled in for a week near the Washington DC area to take in what that area has to offer.

Long Live the Queen of Liberty Harbor


  1. Sounds like the show was fabulous. My brother and I loved the Motown music. Of course, we grew up with it. I was glad to hear that the camping area was safe and well lit. I hope your stay in DC is fun. I've been through there but never stopped to look around. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I just spent some time trying to catch up with you. You have been very busy having fun ... me, not so much, but that's a story for another day. I loved all of your pictures in all of the places from Connecticut to ... well, I would say New York, but sadly, no pictures from New York. But I did read and read and read your "just a short post to catch up" and loved it. I agree there is nothing like a live performance and Motown Music ... Bring it on!!! I know that burning feet feeling when everyone seems to have more stamina than I do on a walk through wherever ... but once you have had a chance to recover, you can say, Hey, I walked all over New York, even at my age and you don't have to mention the pain of it all :)

    Anyway, I am thoroughly impressed with what you have accomplished in your travels so far and can't wait to hear about Washington DC ... though be warned, make sure you know where you are going because there are some rough neighborhoods if you get off the beaten path. I haven't been there since my children were young, but I remember it fondly. So travel on my friend, enjoy and be safe. Looking forward to your next "short post" Queen of dissertation :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol