Saturday, September 28, 2013

Camo Kitty

Hi there!  Gracie here writing today's blog post.  The Queen is taking a day off today and put me in charge.  She owes me big time for this as it's really hard to type with these big honking paws.  

But, she is the Queen and deserves the respect of us loyal subjects.  She makes us call her that...pretty sickening huh?  But she does have thumbs to open the cat food, so we'll call her whatever she wants.  You should hear what George calls her behind her...well, I should probably not repeat such language.  After all, I am a lady.

Hey George!  Is it working?  Can you still see me?

I love taking naps on their bed when they are away and it's pretty cool that she bought the bedspread to match me!  Ooooh.  Wait a minute!  She had the bedspread first.  Did she adopt me because I went with her decor?  Hey George!  We need to talk!

He he he...she can't even see that I'm here!

Oh well, the nice part of this is that she can't seem to find me when I'm napping here because she says I camoflage with the coverings.  I prefer to think that I am not really a calico cat but instead am a chameleon cat and I choose to blend into my surroundings.

Long Live Princess Grace


  1. Precious and Little Guy read this and said, "meooooow."

  2. Nice pic, Gracie!! Your bed looks so comfy. I agree, you do blend in nicely with the décor. But have no fear, you are still a gorgeous kitty!! Licks and woofs, Pogo B.

  3. I love when you kitties take over the blog. Not that Cheryl isn't quite capable of writing a funny thing, now and then, herself! pond lois with a new wind whirlie-gig. :-)

  4. Oh Gracie, you captured my heart (again). You are such an articulate kitty to say nothing of your chameleon capabilities. George must be seething with jealousy ... or is he also an articulate cat who just hasn't had a turn at it yet? I know he can't blend in with the comforter so you have him there. He, however, is your handsome protector and friend, so you must not rub it in that you are so talented. Thank you for joining us on this beautiful day ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol