Sunday, September 1, 2013

Acadia National Park

During our stay in Bar Harbor Maine there are many sights to see.  Our campground is ocean side, so seeing the Atlantic is no problem.  It's also located close to Acadia National Park and so that was one of the first things we chose to go see.

The road going through the park is 56 miles long with plenty of places to pull over and do some more hiking and exploring along the way.


There are a series of lovely stone bridges throughout the park.

Nature can be found around every corner.  We watched this squirrel enjoying his lunch of what appeared to be a green pine cone.

A sweet little girl shared a glimpse of the frog she had caught during our stop at Bubble Pond.

This small area had a fun trail that required walking on stones over the water with a small leap of faith required between two of the larger rocks.

There were many flowers and what looks better than flowers with a stone background?

Sometimes the rocks are pretty without anything in front of them.
From the top of Cadillac Mountain you could see Bar Harbor down below and the cruise ships that bring in boatloads of money...I mean tourists.

One of my favorite spots is called Thunder Hole.  It's an inlet where the water comes crashing in and makes the sound of thunder.

We waited for several crashes but only managed to get some small ones.  The conditions have to be just right for the spectacular ones.  I've inserted a You Tube video from when Hurricane Bill was there to show you it's full potential.

It was a wonderful day with perfect weather and more memories have been created on our journey.

Long Live the Queen of Acadia


  1. Great photos! My favorite is the first one. It looks as though the clouds have come right up to meet the cliff and the tree. Beautiful. It's good to see you're enjoying Maine. If you stay long enough in Maine and New Hampshire you'll be enjoying a spectacular color show. Have a wonderful day, Edna B.

  2. Acadia NP is one of few areas on the east coast that really interest me. I'm enjoying your journey.
    Your creative photoshop posts have piqued my interest in using photoshop but think I need to take a class ;-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I will take this over any city, anytime. It reminds me so much of the U.P., even the bridges. Thanks you so much for sharing these photos. Enjoy!