Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

The weather in Bar Harbor Maine was nasty over the Labor Day weekend.  I know I sure wouldn't want to be camping in that kind of ....oh wait, we were doing just that.  Except we were high and dry in our See-More instead of in a tent.  But it still took its toll on my mood.

I was feeling out of sorts the day before as the sky was darkening and the barometric pressure was causing my sinuses to hurt.  Then on Monday the rains started.  And continued.  It rained for a while and then it poured.  It let up to a drizzle and was then followed by a deluge.  It got old fast...and depressing.

After dragging myself out of bed I tried to play with the Internet to research our next stays on the road as we headed south.  Everything just seemed like so much work.  About noon I grabbed a cat and went back to bed.  The cat didn't stay...what a mood buster.

While I was wallowing in the depths of my funk, Left Brain did the dishes and then hauled the laundry out into the storm to attend to this chore that had been waiting for a "not so nice day".  This day fit the bill except for having to sludge out through the mud and water to the laundry mat.

I woke briefly to find both cats had joined me and were curled up together and cleaning one another.  That was so sweet...and then I drifted off again.  The bright spot in the day was seeing that the sound of rain on the roof no longer frightened them.

When I woke again he was home with baskets of freshly washed clothes to be put away.  I managed to toss together some left overs for supper....actually our only meal that day before settling into the couch for some TV.

Even though I'd slept most of the day away I found myself not able to keep my eyes open and went to bed about 9:00.  It was just one of "those days".

Today I woke with the desire to wash up the dishes and vacuum the floor.  I guess I'm going to pull out of this funk after all. The rain has finally subsided and we're looking forward to enjoying our last day here before we continue on our journey.

Long Live the Queen of Sloths


  1. Gosh, I hear ya!! Rainy days do tend to put a damper on energy and fun plans. I hope you get some good weather while you are still in Maine. It really is such a pretty place. Pogo and I are looking forward to meeting you when you get near our area of New England. We're wishing you sunshine for today. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. At least you got a cute picture out of it. :-) pond lois

  3. I love that song, and was always a big fan of The Carpenters. The rain can definitely do that, too! We had storms last weekend, and the power went out. I really hate that!

  4. Hopefully you awoke refreshed and ready to meet a new day. We need those rainy, sleepy days to re-charge. Here's hoping for Sunshine and Lollipops (hum along).