Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remembering Maine

Part of our exploration of Bar Harbor was finding fun places to eat while out sight seeing as well as running some errands.

I love this moose sculpture - it was almost as exciting to see this as to see a real one...almost.
We stumbled on this restaurant while on our way to Wal-mart for supplies.  Left Brain got his first lobster dinner and was a happy boy.

I found a quilt shop nearby and had to stop in, of course.  I don't really "need" anything but that rarely has anything to do with quilting, it's all about possessing the stuff!

The downtown area is your basic tourist trap but with a New England flair to it.  We had lunch at a little place called Route 66.  It was filled with memorabilia and playing tunes from our generation. There was so much to see you couldn't take it all in. They even had an I Spy sheet for kids to walk around with and try to locate items. I was a bit miffed that we weren't offered to play this game.

The food was good and you could look forever and not take it all in.

We returned to Acadia National Park one more time to stop at Jordan's Pond, an area we missed on the first trip through.  They have a restaurant there that serves the most amazing popovers and the view over the water from the tables on the lawn is stunning.  We both enjoyed a meal of scallops that were drool-worthy.

The campground was very nice and we had a relaxing stay in Bar Harbor.

Now we have left Maine are are enjoying Massachusetts.  Of all the sights to see and enjoy here the one I'm looking forward to the most is finally meeting Miss Edna and Pogo.

We've been communicating via email to set up a meeting time soon and I'm hoping that tomorrow will be the big day!

Long Live the Queen of Maine


  1. What is the other writing on your hubby's La Crosse shirt? I wish I were with you and Edna tomorrow. Give her a hug for me and a treat for Pogo! Enjoy!

  2. It certainly looks like Left Brain is enjoying himself! Great pictures. I hope you enjoy your visit with your friend, too. What a nice thing to be able to do!

  3. I love that moose structure! Did you know that the moose population is dwindling? I was reading about it in the newspaper a couple of days ago. Your photos are great. I haven't been to this part of Maine. Actually, it's been more than forty years since I've been there.

    Your bee photo is super! As long as you don't bother them, they will allow you to take all the photos you want. Remind me to ask you about that kitty tent. That would make a great little play yard for Pogo when we are travelling about in the car. We are so looking forward to meeting up with you. See you soon, hugs, Edna B.