Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting ready to move on

George helped out by taking over my side of the bed and being out of the way.
The day or two before a move we like to get things organized and catch up on those dreaded household chores that never seem to end.
mushrooms found on a hike in Acadia Park -
has nothing to do with today's post, I just wanted to add some photos

Left Brain does a great job keeping the RV clean and shiny, as well as the car.  My job is the dealing with the homefront.  So, since it was dreary yesterday I went off to do the laundry.

There are people who observe the proper etiquette and those who ignore the signs stating to remove the clothes promptly from the washers and dryers.

I needed four washers to get my stuff done and three of the four had clothes sitting in them.  So after waiting for a bit I huffed and I puffed and I tossed those clothes out.  Unto a table near the dryers - I am not completely without a heart.

It always feels a bit strange handling someone else's laundry, and I don't mind if it's towels and shirts and stuff.  But this trip I had to remove a hot pink lacy thong underwear.  Eeewh.
No..I did NOT take a photo of her thong underwear - that's just crazy!

Even after getting my four loads washed the person had still not returned so I gleefully loaded my stuff into the two dryers open and put in my quarters.

While I was sitting outside reading she roared up in her hot pink sweatpants and stood there looking at her wet laundry on the table and no empty dryers to put them in.  I couldn't help wondering if part of her foul mood was from wearing those thong panties.  Sometimes it's better not having this kind of mental image rattling around in your head.

She fussed and fumed and grumbled but never asked who did this to her...and I was so hoping she would 'cause I was in one of those moods and would have loved to engage in a verbal battle with her.  But she never said a word, so I just smiled and kept reading my book.

So now that laundry was out of the way I decided today I would tackle defrosting the freezers.  I surely do miss a self-defrosting fridge!  But it's nice every once in a while to haul everything out, get shelves washed up and then restock the fridge, tossing all those green moldy items from the back.

Some moss seen recently - not to be confused with the green moldy stuff tossed from the fridge.
Left Brain grilled a couple of little steaks for lunch and I steamed the fresh green beans we picked up at the local food stand.   This was way better than anything I could have found out and about.

Then I headed off alone to play in TJMax and Target.
I always like to make sure I have enough food on hand for the next several days when moving into a new area. You just never know what you can find.

Later in the day I heard back from one of the Florida resorts I was hoping to book only to find out they were full.  Rats!  They had pickleball courts, a pool and line dancing.  I knew it was too good to be true. 

So Left Brain and I browsed the computer searching for places to land for a month or two in Florida after our visit with the kids at Christmas time.  We never did find anything we were real excited about but I sent off some emails to a couple of hopefuls.

The remainder of the evening was a quiet night of reading and preparing for tomorrow's activity. 

See you later in Connecticut!

Long Live the Queen of Domesticity


  1. Well, your pictures are lovely ... doing chores? Not so much :) But yes, even if you are lazy like me, the day comes when chores are necessary. I too have green things in the back of my fridge. My right-brain accuses me of being near sighted (meaning that I can't see all the way to the back of the fridge). He is usually the one who finds the green stuff :( I also love what you did with Georges picture. I have just started experimenting with brushes. I only have PSElements, so I don't have so many brushes. I have been told I can get brushes on the internet, but everytime I download some, I can never figure out how to get them into photoshop. So, I guess I will have to look into that one of these days.

    I look forward to seeing where you are headed. Are you continuing along the coast and is Florida your destination? Let me know when you are headed inland and if you will be passing through the Chicago area (wouldn't recommend it in the winter). Well, Queen of Ambitious, I am headed off to another doctors appointment and tomorrow, Carpel Tunnel surgery. I will have a gimpy left arm for awile, so I will be hunt and pecking with my right in order to post anything. That won't last long though so I will see you soon on your travels.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. I love your photos. What are those gorgeous lavender flowers? They are just beautiful. Your moss close up is quite interesting. Connecticut is a pretty state. I hope you miss all this unsettled weather, and get settled in your next place soon. That place you mentioned in Florida sounded fabulous. I'm sure you'll find another one just as nice. You have a wonderful day, and safe travelling. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Great post! You are funny! Thanks for the chuckles. Have a safe trip!