Monday, September 9, 2013

Canoe River Campground- Mansfield MA

During our journey we sometimes get nice campgrounds and sometimes not so nice, occasionally it's a night at Walmart or a casino.

the view from our campsite

But the spot we had at Canoe River Campground was sweet.  We were right on the water,tucked away into a quiet area.  The people that run these places seem to know right away who to put in quiet spots and who to put in the louder party areas.  At least these people did and I certainly appreciate it.

My favorite part of this stay was the abundance of birds, and let's just say these birds were not shy.

When I parked myself on the bench they all started to approach me. Uh seems they expected something. So I scrambled back to the campground for some bread. Left Brain didn't really need that sandwich tomorrow anyway.
I didn't figure he'd like the bread, but he landed nearby anyway.
It looks like something took a bite out of his wing.
Finally armed the proper offerings they again swarmed closer and closer for the food.  Yikes, these swans are really big closeup and I'm not sure I like the sound of that hissing noise.

Just toss me the bread and nobody gets hurt.

No...toss ME the bread.

The smaller ducks came right up to me on the bench and I found that if you are tossing white bread while wearing white pants you will get pecked on the butt.  Those bills can hurt!

Sorry about that last bite...I'll be more careful next time.

I should have had more food with me than two stinking pieces of bread and I wasn't sure for a minute if the swans   and Canada geese were going to let me off so easy.

Seriously? That's all you brought with you,,,two stinking pieces of bread?

Keep on snoozing friends, she doesn't have enough to bother swimming over there for.

You're out of food? Really? Already?
Well, could you at least help me get these feathers out of my nose?
But I find it always a good idea to pay a modeling fee when trying to get good close up photos of the wildlife.

Long Live the Queen of Swans


  1. These pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. With migration staring up, you will have a lot of opportunity. Great job.

  2. Great photos of the resident birds. I especially love the little brown mallard looking sideways up at you. The expression on its little face is priceless. My favorite shot is the view of the water through the trees. I just took a little break from my nap and now I'm going to retreat back under my fuzzy blanket. You have a wonderful evening and night. Hugs, Edna B.