Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meeting Miss Edna

It's one of those strange connections that we all have sometimes.  I knew Mary Ann from camera club in La Crosse WI.  She knew Miss Edna from meeting her in an online photoshop class in the UK.  Miss Edna lives in Massachusetts.  Mary Ann introduced us via our blogs and we've been communicating ever since, but I'd never had a chance to actually really meet her face to face...until yesterday that is.

I never would have believed I'd be searching out a virtual friend from the Internet.  I'm from that generation that uses caution with people you don't know and would certainly never do something crazy like couchsurfing.com where you hook up with people for a place to stay.  You know who you are!
I love Pogo's stroller!  I wonder if the kitties would ever go for a ride in something like this.
I used to think my cousin, Jon, was crazy for traveling long distances to meet up with people he'd only known on the Internet.  Doesn't he know how dangerous this might be?  I still think he's crazy, but in a good way.
Miss Edna meets Left Brain as well.
Well, now I've gone and taken the step and have melded my virtual world and my reality.  I guess I didn't need to be so hesitant of this meeting.  I mean, she is older than me and she's shorter than I am!  I guess I was pretty safe. 
Of course she does have that ferocious dog of hers named Pogo. But then again he's only ankle height and has no teeth or jawbone. Yup...I think I'm okay with this team.
She even came bearing gifts!  Flowers for me and a surprise bag for George and Gracie from Pogo.  It ended up being the only treats so far that George will eat and they both loved their catnip toys with feathers...it's all about the feathers for my kids.  And for the first time since living in an RV I have fresh cut flowers on my countertop.
After a picnic lunch we headed out for a different part of the park to do some photography.

Brakes...don't fail me now!

And the birds were in abundance!  Whenever people brought food to toss to them they would swarm all around us.  It was hard to know where to shoot next!

Miss Edna has an updated version of my camera and we use the same Tamron 18-270 lens so she was able to teach me a couple of things.

Splish Splash...I was taking a bath....

First thing she did was have me set it to continuous shooting.  I can see the Divine Miss M rolling her eyes at this since she has done this forever and I'd always resisted her urging to try it.  It feels like shooting a machine gun but does give more chances of catching the motion.

And it's a perfect landing!

We worked on panning with the camera to try to get shots of the birds in flight.  Much easier said than done.  I really prefer it when they pose nicely on a rock for me.

And she showed me how to do the video feature of the camera, something I'd not been able to figure out before.  The videos I shot were awful and were deleted immediately, but now I know how to do it.

As I kept opening up the cover to see what my settings were she then showed me how to open, flip and return the screen so the display screen was on the outside.  Duh!

I could use several more outings with her to fine tune my skills but alas we are on our way to Connecticut next and must be on our way.  However, she does go to Florida for a couple of weeks each year, so perhaps there may be a second meeting for more photography yet.

Long Live the Queen of New Friends


  1. How awesome. These internet meet ups are quite fun...I've had several. Your photos are amazing! Keep sharing.

  2. Hi Cheryl, At least you didn't have to pass the interview with her daughter! When Edna was coming to La Crosse to visit me her daughter called and put me through the ropes! I think when she discovered my husband was a policeman that opened the door. Likewise, our son thought we were crazy inviting someone from the internet to sleep at our house...not sure if he thought Edna was going to slit our throats during the night. We have also been to Edna's condo in Florida and didn't have to be re-interviewed! I admit one needs to be cautious but after reading both of your blogs we know you, probably more than you want us too... By the way if either of you need a reference, one will be emailed immediately!!!! I still wish I was there with you. Just a reference, did either of you shoot RAW?!!!! Enjoyed your photos. Mary Ann

  3. What a fun post! That is so great, that you were able to meet! It looks like you all had fun, too. Thank you for sharing this. There are bloggers that I hope to meet someday.

  4. You got some great shots my friend. Especially the water landings! Pogo and I (especially me) had a wonderful day meeting you and Left Brain. I so hope to see you again in Florida during the Winter. Seeing as how both you and Mary Ann shoot in RAW, I guess I will have to start doing it too. Hmmm, I love learning new things. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I have already read Edna's side of this beautiful story. I would love to meet both of you someday, but not being a traveler, it would probably have to be when you are passing through the Chicago area. And, if you ever do, I hope you will let me know. There are a lot of places where we could meet, share and enjoy. Caution is an issue with most things, but I have been reading you for a long time ... I am not afraid of you or Left Brain. I think we have a lot in common, including the camera. Edna, however, is the teacher ... she has helped me with many things and is in the process of helping me do a book of my blog posts (which she has done many of already). Her kids will have a wonderful way of remembering her some day with her books. I am so glad for both you and Edna ... it was fun seeing you together in your pictures.

    Also, I have already read and copied your shrimp recipe ... I love your recipes because they are simple and fast and delicious. I beleive in simple and fast ... It's the lazy in me. I even have my hair cut so all I have to do is flip it and let it dry ... no fuss. So thanks and I'll let you know how mine turns out when I do it. Enjoyed both of these posts, Queen of the delicious ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol