Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You can't say you weren't warned!

For the most part the Big Bend National Park is unspoiled by a lot of extraneous signage.  But they do post the ones that are most pertinent.

Hmm.  What say honey?  Should we take the wee ones for a bit of a hike today?  Does pushing the baby in the stroller constitute "meals on wheels"?

Okay, maybe this isn't a good one to travel on towards dusk, how about this trail over here...well, maybe not.  I know it says not to run, but I only need to outrun Left Brain and then I'm okay.

It seems that each way you turn there is some sort of danger.

Everywhere you look there are bear proof trash cans, which were granny-proof also until some nice young thing showed me how to release the latch.  Yikes, I'm apparently not smarter than your average bear.
the big yellow box is for food storage.  there is a warning attached to the bench about javelinas

There's even signs in the picnic shelters warning you about the javelinas.  I had visions of huge wild boars running about the park, and they do...but there aren't as big as I had imagined.  They're more the size of a potbellied pig...but with some ornery looking tusks.

So I've started to fear a bit fearful of all the creatures roaming about, until I saw this cute little bunny.  Until I remembered the killer rabbit from Monte Python.  I kept my eye on him also.

They only casually mention the five varieties of poisonous snakes and that generally the scorpions and tarantulas won't harm you. I mean...look at the size of this thing crossing the road!

Just in case you wanted to see him up close and personal, here's a shot I took after I leaped out of a still moving car. I still can't believe I did that for a photo of a spider.  After seeing this you could not PAY me enough money to sleep in a tent down here.

Well, that's been our lesson in wildlife danger for today.
Class dismissed.

Long Live the Queen of Dangerous Encounters


  1. I've heard somewhere that tarantulas can make nice pets. They don't need much space, and they mostly take care of themselves. They do, however, love to cuddle and be petted. lol.

    You have a fabulous night! Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Avoid carrying odorous food or toiletry items... does that mean odorous toiletry items? You do lead an interesting life!

    :) Becky