Friday, October 19, 2012

Marathon TX

Marathon TX is the gateway to Big Bend.  This is where we spent the night prior to going south and starting that adventure.

Our camping this evening is at the Marathon Motel and RV park.  We've noticed this is done often throughout the area and it just makes sense.

They have a beautiful little courtyard with a fountain and fireplace - very cozy.  AND they have good internet service.

The sunset that evening was just spectacular. 

All this with full hookups including 50 amp service for $25.   Actually, we used our Passport America card for 50% off, so it was only $12.50.

Now that's MY kind of place!

The downtown area is just gorgeous, small but very quaint and sweet.

We stopped at the Burnt Biscuit Bakery for some of their famous fried pies.  Left Brain had pecan and I went for my old standby, apple.  They were decadent and I don't even want to think about how many calories were in them!

We left Marathon with the plan to stay at the Stillwell Ranch outside of Big Bend and go into the park for day trips.

us at the Bakery
After navigating the long, winding, bumpy road we arrived at Stillwell and proclaimed "Hell No!"  This was followed by a quick U-turn and exit.  Sorry to say I did not even venture a quick photo, I just wanted to leave.

We settled into the park at the campground called Rio Grande Village RV with full hookups for $33.  I bit pricy but okay.  This morning I woke at 6:00 to go out and gaze at the stars - they are unbelieveable and I wish I knew how to photo them properly.  I'll try again later after reading up on it.

I've been waiting to see javelina, armadillo and roadrunners but a horse?  My photo card was still in the PC from downloading the other photos and by the time I got it inserted and out the door it had galloped off - the yippy yappy little dogs next door scared it off.

our site at Marathon
After Left Brain woke up we went for a walk through the "other" park, the one through the National Park Service.  They are much more scenic and we hiked the little nature trail.  Then we spotted what would be the perfect campsite, paid for our one night and left.

Now there is a catch to this move.  There is no electricity or water so we'll have to run the generators periodically to charge things up and the cut off is at 8:00 so it limits his TV watching, but that's okay.  We're hear to see nature, not watch TV.  The price for those old people with the Senior Pass for National Parks is $7 a night.  Hmmm.  That's math even I'm capable of.  $33 a night or $28 for four nights.

I've lived in northern Minnesota with no running water, I know how to conserve.  So we both made sure to take a good hot shower prior to leaving the full hook ups.

There is no internet (even with our Wi-Fi Ranger) but the park office has a Wi-Fi Hotspot that we can use.  So, we'll just come down here once a day and check email and I will be able to continue the blog. 

So, now I need to go and download todays photos for tomorrow's blog and sit in the shade with a marguerita.

Long Live the Queen of Texas


  1. Now what was wrong with Stillwell?

  2. That is one GORGEOUS sunset! And what a great photo of you and hubby. You look so happy and rested. They say for shooting pix of the stars, use a tripod and ISO between 100 and 400. Use Aperture Priority mode for the widest aperture, If you can, use bracketing. Also shooting RAW shoud give you the best photos possible. (according to the pros) Happy shooting.

    When I am at work and trying to photograph the moon or stars, I only have time to run outside, lean up against my car and press the shutter button. Then I hope for the best. One of these nights, I'm going to try it the "pro" way.

    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Great blog! I'm actually headed to Marathon tomorrow for a week of....well, nothing. I can't wait.