Friday, October 26, 2012

Terlingua and Presido

Our plans had been to move to Terlingua and travel the other part of the park and then the next day take 170 to Presidio.  It was a good plan but then I became afflicted by whatever it was that Left Brain had.  He's so sweet...he shares everything equally with me.  I could have lived without this.

perhaps next time we'll stay at this charming establishment..I think not
This was where I learned how efficiently our bathroom is set up with the sink and toilet being spaced just perfectly for any emergency, especially if they happen at the same time.  Okay, too much information.

this would make for an easy volunteer duty at the community garden
Needless to say, we lost a full day as I moan and groaned and slept continuously.  Every muscle hurt, my legs ached, I was freezing, I was misery.  But thankfully Left Brain is a good caretaker also and with time the symptons went away.  The next day I was much better, just very weak.

residential neighborhood in Terlingua
So we took a relaxing drive into Presidio, about 70 miles away.  Our plan was to go over for lunch and return.  We started out with touring historic Terlingua, the Ghost Town.  It's really kind of hard to distinguish the ghost town from the current one as there are people and businesses in the ghost town.

yup, they have everything in this huge city
The trip over and back was like riding a roller coaster, with lots of hill cresting where you can't see where the road goes next to tight curves.  The entire drive follows the Rio Grande River.  I'm sure it was beautiful, but I was still a bit fazed and greenish tinged.

the sign at the top says hill, just in case you hadn't figured it out by then
Our most exciting find in Presidio was a car wash. Left Brain had been fussing and fretting for days over how filthy the car was and you are prohibited from washing them in the campgrounds due to the lack of water.  So this was like an oasis to him.

a little cemetary in Terlingua
Then we had lunch at a tiny cafe where I believe every law enforcement officer and border patrol were currently eating.   We decided not to walk across the border into Mexico, just not interested and too weak feeling.

a cute little rest area
The ride back seemed even more of a carnival ride as the burrito settled into my gut - my first solid food in 24 hours.  Maybe that wasn't such a good choice?  But we got back safely and after a two hour nap I felt much better.  Tomorrow we'll start to head north and into New Mexico as we slowly make our way into Arizona.

Long Live (Please!) the Queen of the Wild West


  1. Just being so close to the border, you got Montezuma's Revenge. So sorry every once in a while one needs 'cleansing.' I just hope you are checking that level line you taught us about... Feel better.

  2. I'm so sorry that you got sick. Hope you're feeling better soon. Drink only bottled spring water! Have a good night, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Ha! My name is Mike and I am the guy that was living in the charming bus in Terlingua along with my dog Bixby! I lived there for over a year and loved it. I left 2 months ago and now me and my pup are in the process of peddling that orange bike in the picture across the U.S.