Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goodbye Rio Grande Villlage

We were camped in a beautiful setting and we enjoyed it very much, but we've learned some interesting things about ourselves on this journey.

You can see from the photo above that this is definitely "off season" and we had lots of room.  We loved the view of the mountains right behind us.  Behind the tree is a cement patio with cover, picnic bench and bear proof food storage box.

Right behind us was a trail to the nature walk, complete with bridge and benches to watch the birds.  It was surrounded by tall grasses that swayed in the wind.


It was great to have cheap camping but we really are too old to be "roughing it" if you will.  Yes, we still have water on board but I never realized how much I enjoyed electricity!


Even without the internet available, I couldn't mess around on the computer with my photoshop projects very long until the battery is depleted.  And when you run the generator you're using gas and that's well over $4 a gallon down here.
This is a a glimpse of the road on the way to the hot springs.  Good thing most of it is one way!

this is the hot springs we drove several miles and then hiked to - it's a constant 105 degrees

So, even though we had one more day paid for I told Left Brain I was sick of "camping" and wanted to go home...meaning I wanted to use the comforts of our RV.

We had a Skype visit with the kids the night before we bailed out.  That was done in the laundry area of the office on his computer until the battery went dead and we lost them. During the call we learned that our oldest granddaughter's friend's grandparents were also in Big Bend.  She mentioned that they had an airstream and we had just watched one drive around earlier that night looking for a spot to park.  Such a small world.

old building near the hot springs
Shortly after the call an ambulance went screaming by.  This is a scary thought when you consider the closest town with a hospital is 100 miles away(one way) and these roads mostly have a 25 - 35 mile an hour speed limit with 15 mph on the hairpin curves.  That's a long time to wait for help to come and take you somewhere for treatment.  I was wondering if it was heat related or the mountain lion got somebody.

During this call there were people coming in and out using their computers, doing laundry and we had a couple of little kids checking out everything we were doing. Cute little kids, but there was no privacy or quiet and it was hard to hear everything said.
Note:  Roadrunners do NOT go beep-beep!

As soon as the call was over we raced back to the RV to enjoy the one hour of AC with the generator until we had to shut it off for the night.

When we left the next day I had hoped to connect with the other grandparents, but they were already out for the day.  So I left a note with our greetings and who we were.  It would have been nice to meet them, but we were anxious to get outta Dodge!  That's the beauty of this life. Not happy where you are?  Turn the key and go.

Long Live the Queen of Comfort

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  1. I love your birds and dragonfly. Great shots. I hope you got to soak your feet in that hotspring. Bet that felt good! You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.