Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bonus post - Cacti everywhere

When you live in a desert climate you grow what you can...and that would probably be cactus.

These are not any ordinary little cactus, they are HUGE ones.  I really like this one and as you can see by the car next to it, it is a big un.

There are many cactus this size in the park and it's fun to see the various ways of displaying them.  Such as this person's use of a cattle trough as a planter.  Now that's gardening on my kind of scale.  I'm starting to really embrace this "everything's bigger in Texas" spirit.

When ever there's one sitting by its lonesome, I make Left Brain jump into the photo for a size reference. 

He's about 5'9" for reference.

I'm hoping that we'll have an opportunity to see them when they bloom.  I've always heard that when the desert is in bloom it is a beautiful sight but we've never been here at the right times.  I'm guessing this would be the year to experience that phenomenon.

Not all of them are suger huge, though they are certainly no slackers.  My experience with cactus has been tiny ones in pots up north...nothing like these guys.  This one is probably my favorite just for the colorization.

Long Live the Prickly Queen


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  1. The cacti are gorgeous. My uncle and aunt used to travel through the deserts frequently, and they said that when it is in bloom it is exquisite.