Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy doing nothing....and loving it

my former "meditation garden"
All my life I've been a bit on the hyper  side and could not be satisfied unless in motion.  Therefore, my current state of bliss is confusing me.

My previous digs had several gardens and I would spend an average of 4 or 5 hours a day working in the yard.  The garden beds kept getting larger and larger, no project was too big to tackle.  I've been known to redo waterfalls and the pond...more than once.  There were no plants in my yard that probably hadn't seen the other areas of the house at some point in their life.  Hauling small boulders from one part of the yard to another was fun.  I built retaining walls, erected fences and created pathways.

When I wasn't working outside I was inside sewing my dolls or quilts and trying to perfect the perfect show booth for the art shows where I would sell them. 

Inside the house I moved furniture around all the time - often from room to room.  At one point the dining room table and chairs were in the family room in front of the fireplace...including a large hutch.  This also ended up in my studio.

The computer room went into the dining room at one point, as well as in the family room.  Once it was arranged perfectly I would think of some other way to do it and off I'd be, pushing and shoving furniture around the room.  Being only 5'3" and slight of build (except for the blobs of fat currently residing in strategic spots) I would have to move them by sitting on the floor and pushing with my legs...inches at a time.

we had blue birds that nested each year in the front yard
The rearranging didn't stop there - I would often redo the studio and its basement storage counterpart.  That was much easier after investing in large rolling metal shelving.  The same shelves were purchased for the garage - yup, moved that stuff around also.

So you can imagine my concern when transitioning into a motorhome where things are bolted down and built in.  Yeah, I've moved things around in the cupboards and drawers, the few we have; but this has really been more to find the best location for optimal use, not just for the fun of it.

one of the numerous deer that ate my plants

So why am I so content to not pursue all my previous obsessions?  Could it be that moving my entire home from state to state is enough for me?  If I can't rearrange my things, I'll just move me?

My biggest fear (as well as Left Brain's) is that I would become bored with no gardens to work on or artwork to create.  What would I do with all those long open days?

My current routine is pretty much getting up, making the bed and then fixing food during the day and cleaning up afterwards.  Sure, there's the excitement of laundry day and hauling everything to the machines and trying to find enough quarters, but that's only ever week or ten days.

a regular visitor to our bird feeder
Yes, yes...Wal-Mart shopping is a blast and we do tend to go for groceries quite often as we enjoy the fresh veggies and fruits, but it's pretty standard shopping.  We have a list, we go and find the stuff and go home.

My main leisure activity now is messing around on the computer, either playing games or working on photos for my blog as well as keeping in touch with people via social media.

 Other than that it's reading and a little knitting I've started to play with.  I can only make dishrags, but it's something to keep my hands busy.  It sounds like such a boring life, and yet I'm content.  I just don't understand it.

Long Live the Queen of Contentment

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  1. There's nothing to understand. You are happy. Therefore you are content. You are a lucky lady. Once while sitting on Santa's lap and not being able to think of something I might want for Christmas, Santa said to me "You are so blessed to be so content." (I was around 40 yrs at the time)

    You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.