Monday, October 15, 2012

Southern sights

We've driven past many a cotton field down here and when it blows off the trucks traveling down the highway it creates little "snowdrifts" in the ditches.  But these don't melt.

As we approached our RV park there was a truck ahead of us with a load of cotton.  I was hoping some would come off and land on our wipers because I'm low on my cotton ball supply.  Actually, I don't HAVE a cotton ball supply, but now I feel like I should create one.

This is a sign I enjoyed while staying in Hondo TX.  Things move more slowly in the south and at first that was jarring to my northern full-speed ahead system, but I'm easing into the lifestyle.

This one also caught my attention as we were heading to our RV park.  Yup, we're what you'd call a bit "out of town".

I like that the sign isn't accusatory and doesn't imply that anyone with their thumb out is a fugitive from justice...mainly just the ones in bright orange jumpsuits.

We saw this guy at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park and to me this really says "Texas".

It was impressive to watch him poke a buffalo in the butt to make him move so he could have that part of ground to graze on.  The bison just looked over its shoulder, saw who it was and sauntered off without any argument.

There's a little glimpse of my corner of the world.

Here's a You Tube video I found of where we are going next, Big Bend National Park.  The blogs may or may not be written over the next few days as I'm uncertain what kind of internet connection we'll have.

Long Live the Southern Queen

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  1. Glad that you might have to slow down a bit to read the signs... You gotta love your new cultural experiences.