Sunday, October 7, 2012

A new day...a new outlook

It's a new day with a gentle breeze and I'm seeing things differently now...but my eyes are still itchy.

It seems that the previous toilet explosion gave me, well...for a lack of a better way to say it...a crappy outlook.

I was wrong to say we were parked on a square of gravel.  Well, technically that's true, but there are little pockets of color also.

True, there are few trees here, but that just opens up a fabulous sky full of stars to look at and beautiful sunsets.  Me thinks I need to crank up my constellations app on the phone and give it a trial tonight...if it warms up.

It's a strange sensation to have it mid 80's during the day and then have to bundle up with the comforter as the cool desert wind blows across my head during the night.  But it feels so good to be snuggled up in my sweats and drinking cocoa...any excuse to work some chocolate into my day.

We'll go out for a walk today and explore the park so I can get some photos to show you the latest surroundings in our desert abode.  There's so much white gravel here that I feel like I'm parked in a tray of rice crispy bars.

It's a wonderful lazy day and Left Brain did up all the dishes and I've been playing games and messing around on the computer. 

We've started our research into our next locale...Big Bend National Park.  This prompted some strange dreams last night, of which I can only recall a small segment.  It seems I was hiking through the vast desert of the park and spied a coyote looking at me like he was reading the daily special on the lunch board.

Why I don't know, but I just happened to have a rabbit in a large coffee cup.  Where he came from I have no idea, nothing up my sleeve.  Presto...there's a rabbit in an oversized cup. Oh well.  I started to climb the rocky slope to escape the coyote and at the same time watching out for scorpions, spiders and snakes.  No good, the coyote is following me quite easily.

When I got to the top and could go no further there was my cat, Baxter, who is now deceased but very much alive in this dream.  Well, the coyote is now sizing up Baxter for lunch and I had an awful decision to make.  Do I offer up my new bunny friend to save the cat?  I mean she is actually dead already, but I've just met this rabbit.

As I was pondering this dilemna the coyote shook out a blanket and opened up his lunch bag.  Where was he hiding all this?  He laughed at the concern on my face and announced "hey, don't worry about it...I'm a vegetarian".  He was then gracious enough to share some of his carrots with the bunny.  Baxter of course turned up her nose at his offerings and slunk away.

I've been having an extraordinary number of dreams since full-timing and each one is as strange as this one.  I'll have to recount the previous one I had while going through Arkansas for you tomorrow.

Long Live the Queen of Dreams

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  1. Wow! What a fabulous dream! You really must record all these wonderful dreams. I wonder if meeting up with a magical bunny, a coyote and Baxter has anything to do with meeing lots of new friends and leaving old ones behind? Either way, I can't wait to hear about another dream. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.