Thursday, October 11, 2012

It takes some balls to live here takes balls to live here.

Left Brain and I finally took a walk around the park, it didn't take very long, but was between football games so that was okay.

The yards are primarily gravel or concrete but some were much more imaginative than others.  The first one we stumbled upon was filled with golf balls.  Talk about playing in the rough!  I'm not sure what the green pyramid was but it added a nice artistic touch.

The second yard had glass balls decorating it's front edge.  It gave it kind of a bubble effect that was nice.

And finally there was a yard with bowling balls adorning its border...strike!

I would have liked to seen a set of bowing pines in the middle, but maybe that's just too much.

Long Live the Queen of Balls

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  1. These are kind of cool. I think I like the one with the glass balls amid the cacti the best.