Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've been a Texan for a week now

Things just keep falling into place each week.  We just took care of our last time sensitive issue of arranging for our absentee ballots.  It is required that they be sent to us at an address outside of our county.  Then we will receive them and return them to Polk County for voting.  We haven’t received our voter registration cards yet, so are hoping they come in time.

Yesterday I joined the line dance group for a while and then Left Brain and I went on a tour of the Escapee Park and learned more of the history. The highlight of the tour was going through the mailroom.  Unfortunately photography was banned so I can’t show you any it’s features, but it is HUGE.  The sorting machine zips the letters through at an extremely fast speed.  The mail truck (and we’re talking the semi sized truck) comes twice a day, once to deliver the mail and once to send it out.  The Escapees RV Club mail service is so large that they have been assigned their own zip code and our mail goes from here straight to Houston TX.

Today we took the tour of the CARE center.  This is a day care facility for those recovering from surgery, undergoing rehabilitation and for those with dementia.  It provides the caregiver an opportunity to rest and take care of other business during the day.  At night the patient goes back to their RV with the family member.  It’s the only care facility designed specifically with the RV lifestyle in mind.

When the founders began this RV park they used machetes to hack through the dense undergrowth to clear away the space for an office and 13 campsites.  They figured that was all they would need.  Boy, were they wrong!

I liked the tenacity of this tree determined to
grow, even if it meant coming up through
an abandoned silo.
I made some changes to my control panel on the computer and managed to get my Sprint hot spot to work again.  But I still opted to run into town as I wanted to redo some storage things in my closet so needed to revisit Wal-Mart again.  So today’s lunch was at McDonald’s.  My library card for Livingston just arrived today so tomorrow I’ll probably go there to work on the blog and catch up with things.

I made an attempt to download a book from the library for my kindle but it failed miserably.  I may take the info in with me to the library and see if they can help me with it.

Our neighbors spent the better part of the day yesterday going through the process of becoming Texans also, so we got to hear their horror stories.  It was kind of fun to hear somebody else’s tales of woe in how they were run around in search of multiple documents in this process.  I’m sure glad that’s done.

We spent a quiet day around the RV. He cleaned up the car and I worked on the inside of the RV.  For supper I made stuffed Italian shells.  He wants to grill something one of these days, so I guess I’ll have to let him play chef for a while too.

 Tomorrow I will go play with the line dance people again and if the weather is nice we’ll check out Lake Livingston and see what it has to offer.


Long Live the Queen of Texas

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  1. Oh gosh, now you did it. My mouth is watering for stuffed shells. I LOVE pasta. Especially stuffed shells, lasagne and baked macaroni and cheese.

    That's a great photo of your RV. I am amazed at how much there is to learn and do in order to live in one. I think it's wonderful that they have a care center to help families out. That is so important, especially when you live in such smaller quarters.

    Now I have to make some lunch for Pogo. He's been so perky and playful all morning. It's wonderful to see him having fun. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.