Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodbye to our friends

On yet another rainy morning we said goodbye to Sandy and Jerry and their dogs, Scooter and Sassy.

You can imagine my surprise when I was greeted at the door by these two adorable creatures all decked out in their little raincoats.  Okay, Sandy looked cute in her yellow slicker, too, but the canine members of the family were just too cute!

This couple has a heavy hauler for their fifth wheel and will be getting a new fifth wheel by the time we see them again in Quartzite AZ.  We camped near them during the rally and were fortunate to have them as neighbors again here at Rainbows End in Livingston TX.

They keep trying to give me Scooter, I’m not sure why.  But they keep stressing that his medical records are all up to date and he comes with a closet full of little sweaters and the like.  Hmm. This makes me wonder about my buddy, Scooter.

Add to that the offhand comment Jerry made about the next time they attended the Mass that offers blessings for the animals he was going to consult with one of priests about a possible exorcism for Scooter.  I’m pretty sure he meant Scooter and not Sandy, but I can’t be positive.

Jerry & Sandy's heavy hauler
There was nothing to do today and we did it very well.  We were finally so desperate for any activity we took a walk about the park in the drizzly rain.  Oh well, I needed a shower anyway. 

I spent most of the day on the computer organizing files, getting photos ready for our daughter and creating new cards with our information on it. 

Left Brain amused himself with watching golf and football on TV all day.  I had put together a German pot roast in the crock pot this morning, so we feasted on it for supper. 

It looks like a good night for reading and listening to the rainfall.

Long Live the Queen of Lazy Living


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  1. Oh gosh, Scooter and Sassy are so adorable. If they offer Scooter again, I hope you take him. He's super! As for walking in the rain, as long as it's not pouring, I find it quite relaxing. Here's hoping the sun shines for you today. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.