Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting ready to roll westward

Well, we're starting to find a rhythm in our new life. 

We'll we heading to Hondo TX tomorrow so today was spent getting things ready.

I did up all the laundry and Left Brain put away the larger outside carpet, washed the car and picked up the mail.

another shot of our friends BIG rig
After doing the dusting, bathroom cleaning and vacuuming we are enjoying a lazy day reading and enjoying the use of the internet. 

We've had a crappy connection until yesterday so we'd like to thank who ever it was that has a good connection that we were able to tap into with our Wi-Fi Ranger.  It's been so good to be able to check email, play on Facebook and not to have wait and wait and wait.  We will never take the internet for granted anymore, it's precious and we love having it...even if it's not at the speed of light.

Tonight will be left overs for supper and showers to prepare for tomorrow's drive.

Yesterday I picked up some red thingees to put on the seat belts for emergencies.  Before we left Wisconsin we both had CD's of our medical records made.  I'm hoping I can open these to copy to a small flash drive.  If so, then we'll put one in the car and one in the motorhome.  It has a little pocket inside to place emergency information such as allergies and how to contact.

I had learned about them in our Boot Camp but haven't found them until recently.  This way in an emergency the EMT's know where to look for the data to help us.  Hopefully it will never be needed, but since we are going to be all over the place it just seemed like a good precaution to me.

I played with some photos I'd taken the other day.  Thankfully Left Brain never questions my odd subjects.  Like this lovely blue cracked texture to be used for overlays on future photos.  This was from a handcapped parking spot.

This lovely yellow is the line painted on the asphalt to mark the parking spots.  I have so many great ideas for how to use these guys!

Long Live the Queen of Odd Photos

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  1. So you will be coming out with a book on 100o's of ways to use yellow divided lines? Can't wait.