Monday, October 1, 2012

Cajun food down south

Twas another rainy day making the internet was soggy and slow, so I went off to have lunch at the Whistle Stop Café to check out their free Wi-Fi.  The café was much larger than I would have guessed the internet fast and the Reuben was good.  It’s gonna be a good day.

I managed to get caught up on my blog reading and posting, going through all the Facebook news and even played a game or two.  Then it was back to the RV about 2:00.

Since there wasn’t much to do, Left Brain and I picked a movie to watch.  I have a selection of DVD’s that I want to watch before I decide if I keep them or not.  If I keep them I toss the plastic cover and put them into one of the sleeves with the other media.  If I don’t want to keep it I will try to pass it off to someone or put it into the Good Will pile.

We watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with a very young Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito.  It was a very good movie but pretty intense so I don’t think I’ll be keeping it.  If anyone wants it, just let me know and I’ll ship it out.

For supper we met up with Jerry and Sandy and two other couples.  They are all members of the Heavy Haulers BOF (Birds of a Feather).  I thought Jerry and Sandy’s rig was huge but the business card presented to me by Bob & Sue Guthrie blew me away.  They have an extended cab that pulls their Fifth Wheel trailer and their cute little Smart Car rides up on the rig behind the cab.  Yikes.  I’ve attempted to insert a photo of their card here.

We met at Shrimp Boat Manny’s, home of Cajun cuisine.  I was determined to order something I couldn’t pronounce and have never had before.  Not hard to do here!  Left Brain had the Cajun Two Step featuring fried crawfish and crawfish Etouffee.  I had the crawfish piroque with ettouffee on top of it with some fried crawfish.  It was interesting and tasty but not something I can see myself craving.

It’s a sure sign of a different cuisine down south when the Kids Menu features shrimp, chicken, crawfish, catfish or a corndog.  There is no alcohol served here, just soda, lemonade and ice tea.

Long Live the Cajun Queen

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  1. Wow, that card is fabulous! I wonder how they got the little car up onto the back of the cab? Maybe they use a ramp? Such an ingenious idea! Don't you just love those wi-fi cafes? Traveling just wouldn't be the same anymore without them. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.