Friday, September 21, 2012

We are Boomers

The Escapees RV Club has many special interest groups called Birds of a Feather or BOF's for short.  There is a nudist version of this called Birds Without Feathers that I think sounds adorable, but probably won't be joining anytime soon.

I've just written out my check to join The Boomers which represent people born from 1946 to 1962.  There's no real set requirements to join...they'll take just about anyone, so we're good.  I did the enrollment online and they request you to send an email with "the check is in the mail" so they can give you access to the online newsletters.

We met this group at a happy hour last night and they are delightful people.  It was enjoyable sharing their stories and learning from many of them who have been full-timing for a long time.  

This is a fun loving group that plans many outings, one of which we are very curious about.  Apparently mid January they head for Quartzite AZ for a two week stay out in the middle of the desert.  At first this didn't sound like fun to us but as we've talked to more and more people we're becoming very curious.  Apparently they organize many mini-adventures with varied interests.  So, we plan to join them this year as the dates work out for us.  We'll either want to do it year after year or never at all, but that's part of our new life..going places we've never been and trying any and all new experiences.

We're shaping up our plans for the kids visit.  After the parents leave we'll hold them hostage for a few more days and then Pete will fly back with them as they are a bit hesitant to do this alone.  This is great because after having a lot of "together time" it will be nice to be totally alone for a few days.

During this rally we have gathered a good deal of information on things to visit and see on our way towards Arizona.  I just love the Southwest and it will be a blast to finally be able to travel along leisurely and stop to enjoy the sights without hurrying through them to get to the next one.

Long Live the Boomer Queen

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  1. Boomers sounds like a fun club. Enjoy! Enjoy the kids too. They grow up so fast. Have a good night, hugs, Edna B.