Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sedalia Missouri - let the fun begin!

my bouquet from the previous campground
Being without internet for a couple of days feels awful.  I was like a drunk sizing up the cough syrup for a quick fix - there wasn't even a McDonald's nearby to run to.  This just won't do!

But, we are in Sedalia Missouri now and after parking the leveling Seymour (the RV's new name) we found out that Baxter's battery was dead.

napping on our bed - this was shortly before she left us

Yup, we named the car after our beloved cat of many years because she was black also.  

You knew her as "She Devil" but that was just the alias she traveled with.

 It just made sense and this way she continues to travel on with us in spirit. 

hummingbird from our last campground
It's getting very annoying to have to find someone to jump the car each time we tow it any distance.  

The nice man that jumped the car for us (he's getting really good with those cables) told Left Brain that you can buy a solar panel for the windshield and plug it into the car charger while it's being towed.  There's one vendor we'll be checking out soon!

I added a bunch of textures and filters to this
 one of the hummingbird flying to give it a dreamy feel
We'll also be checking into any one here that might be able to fix the jacks for us.  If not, Left Brain has a lead on a place just over the border into Arkansas that should work.  

We'll try fixing it once and if it continues to be a headache we may be looking at a major expense of replacing the jacks with a better system.

We will have wi-fi during our time here thanks to Wi-Fi Rangers - THANK YOU!  It's quick and reliable and feels so good to be able to finally write up my blog and post some photos.

It feels so good to be parked in among other RVs, everyone is so friendly.  I've already met a lady a couple RVs down with the sweetest little dogs.  

They just sold the house and started full-timing in July, we we have more experience than they do.  

They will be in our boot camp class also.

The welcome ceremony doesn't start until 3:00, so I have a glorious couple of hours to play on the internet before we head over for our first day of fun.

this photo has a watercolor filter applied
The only really odd feeling was when I realized that after this event is over we aren't going back home.  

We've always gone back home after a trip, but now we're like turtles and carry our home with us. 

It's a strange feeling...a good one, but strange.

There, I have a bunch of the photos finally posted that I wanted to share.  It is so good to have a fast connection again!

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Wonderful photos! That banana bread looks really yummy!! I like how you've the filters on your hummingbird pix. Enjoy the rally, and have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.