Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sensational Sunday

this photo has a frosted glass effect added
Left Brain and I have successfully graduated from Boot Camp and have learned so many new things, as well as formed many more new questions.  Today was a leisurely day, allowing us to sleep in a bit later than normal, followed by attending the Market.  Everything an RV'er could possibly want is located in this took restraint but we stuck to our list and only drooled over some things.

We had the good fortune to find an RV Service center there as a vendor and we presented our problems with the jacks to her.  They are not familiar with fixing electric jacks as they deal with hydraulic jacks, but said if we were willing to be a guinea pig, they'd order the pins and take a crack at it.  New hydraulic brakes would run us about $4000 and might still be a necessity, but we'll give it one more try.  they are located about 20 miles from here, so we'll go there on Monday.

She also gave us a tip that when working around the transmitter to set the brakes NOT to have a cell phone anywhere near it, it can through it completely off.  Well, Left Brain wears his on his hip more consistently than John Wayne carried a gun, so that might be part of it.

If this fails, we plan to stop at a Fleetwood dealer in Springdale Arkansas to see if they can fix it.  Maybe I can check with them on the refrigerator.  I checked the website and it's possible ours is one of those that has a recall on it.  It would be great if I could get a repair or maybe a new fridge out of this!  I've renamed Norcold to Ne'ercold.

My purchase was a battery operated refrigerator fan that is supposed to help with the constant condensation and freezing up of the coils in the back.  This is where I miss the self-cleaning fridge back in the Big House as this requires a bit more diligence.  Oh well, it's not like I have a lot on my agenda...I guess I can work it in.

My second purchase was a RV holding tank vent that hopefully will eliminate some of the obnoxious gassy odor that seems to linger in there.  Hmmm, it does seem worse right after Left Brain has been visiting the reading room....I wonder if there is any correlation?  I hope to get more information during the seminar on how to control holding tank odors.  Now there's a seminar I never thought I'd be excited to attend!

We listened to a brief demo of the WiFi Ranger that can attach to the TV antennae to boost the WiFi capability and keep it as a non-public network.  Those run about $400 and we haven't yet decided on it but I think we're both leaning in the same direction on this one.

We ran back to the RV to jump in the car to seek out lunch and do some shopping for groceries and other sundry items.  But no!  The car would not start again.  The battery was once more dead and lifeless.  I noticed a pick up truck entering the campground and ran over to flag him down for help.  First he just waved back at me but I kept waving my arms over my head and he realized I wanted him to stop.  He agreed and drove over to our car and Left Brain had it hooked up in no time flat to jump the car.  Like I said before, he's getting really good at this.

We ran into Sedalia at noon searching for a couple of other items at the good old Wal-Mart and he observed that each and every entry port had a low clearance gate of 10' 6".  I'm guessing it's to keep out those RV'ers that like to camp in the Wal-Mart lot.  It was very interesting and now I'm curious.  I'll have to ask someone about that.

I found a level to keep inside the kitchen to check the level as that can throw off the refrigerator function.  Now there's something you don't have to worry about in a stick house!  I've always wondered if we were on the level, now I'll know.  Yeah, yeah....I can hear the snickering of those who know me already saying "she's always been a bubble off of plumb".

Then I found a lovely smoke alarm with a mute feature for use in the kitchen.  It helps keep the noise down when I cook.  I'll have him replace the current one with that and move the other one into the bedroom.  When Mac the Fire Guy gets to the Market on Monday we hope to pick up a couple of his fire extinguishers.

We had the opening ceremony for the formal Escapade this afternoon and it was a bit sobering as we had a silent prayer for a couple who were in an accident on their way here.  She's doing okay but he died in the crash.  They are anticipating between 600-700 at this rally and they are arriving in every possible kind of rig you can imagine.

The good news is that while waiting for the ceremony to start I had some down time and fiddled with my phone and I'm not sure what I did to it exactly, but it is once again working.  Now I don't have to try to find technical support to fix it and can just enjoy the seminar on android phones, internet and satellite services.  These are still some of our biggest questions - satellite TV and internet service.  It's hard to find something that is suitable for where ever you might go on the road.

We had an ice cream social after the ceremony which basically was being handed an ice cream bar on our way out of the building, but cream is ice cream.  We didn't stay and be social, I wanted to get back to the RV and remove this stinking bra as soon as I could.  No Beth, this is not a "good" one.  I think it had been but it's been holding the bedroom TV in place while we were in transit and I think that may have killed any lift and separate it had left in it.

I wandered outside when I saw a couple of our neighbors visiting to get into the chat and the six of us decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for supper before the show.  We got back just in time to walk over to the theater for our presentation of Yakov Schmirnoff.  If you have never had a chance to see his talented comedian you need to check him out the next time you're near Branson.  He puts on an amazing show.  My ribs hurt from laughing so hard.  One of my favorite parts was a clip of a couple who had been married for 75 years and he asked the secret of their longevity.  This sweet little lady replied "never go to bed angry" and then quickly followed it up with "stay up and fight!".

Tomorrow should be another full day with more seminars and new things to learn so I'm going to sign off now.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I must say, I'm enjoying your seminars. There is so much information that I did not know. So many folks think that RV living is to just hop in with your clothes and food and you're all set. Not so, though! I never realized how much there was to learn.

    I like what you did with your hummingbird photo. Very pretty! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. May your those alien gasses disappear.