Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We are enjoying the quiet after Labor Day weekend has ended - the weekend campers have departed back to their normal life.  
Covered bridge at Amnicon Falls WI

It's interesting to watch them pull in on Friday in a frenzy to get "away from it all" but they seem to be bringing everything with them.  It almost appears that they are hauling more stuff than we do.

same photo but with poster edges filter applied
I think this was a dry brush filter and textures added to it
Hmmm.  A red car just pulled up outside my RV on the road and a man is looking around and heading into the woods.  Strange.  Now he's back and moved down the road a ways.  I wonder if he's a homicidal killer or someone geochaching.  It's always fun to add a little drama into your life.  I think he's looking for a place to bury a body.  But that's just me.
Can't remember what I did to this one - not sure I like it very well

It is so good to have internet again.  We are using our smart phone as a "hot spot".  It is slow however.  For example, while waiting for these four photos to load I did the dishes and measured the width of the RV on the inside....10 feet wide at the widest spots.  I guess this would indicate we live in under 320 square feet since some parts of the floor are narrower and others are not passable (up by the driver and co-pilot chairs).

Well, the red car just buzzed outta here - he must have buried the body.  I tried to add the last photo here but it insists on popping up higher in the blog.  I give up....it will be where it wants to be.

Time is a wasting - gotta get moving and on with my day - places to go...people to meet....things to do.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. I see you're having lots of fun with PSE. I really like this photo. Have one to send to you, but don't have an email addy for you. The one's I have don't seem to work. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.